June 15, 2009

Hello my friends, welcome to a new week! I hope you all had lovely relaxing weekends : )

This is the last week in this fourth Alphabet - can you believe it? As always we will be taking a weeks break between Alphabets, but I do have some treats in store for that week - some favourite finds, inspiring reads and all sorts of goodness that doesn't usually fit into our Alphabet format... exciting! I know you are going to love it!

We have 6 letters left, so lets jump right in...

Under the Stair Studios

These Paper Theatre's and Circus's by Kat Whelan of Under the Stair Studios are just divine. Illustrated and hand cut by Kat and then meticulously put together, they are the perfect 'I love you' for a special wee one in your life. My fave is the first one pictured below "Star Gazing Hares". it is so sweet and full of love don't you think? There is a great collection over at Kat's store...hop over and have a peek...

(images from Kat Whelan)

visit Kat's store
read Kat's bogs here, here and here


"Simple, Modern Art" is how Sion Lee describes the work in her Ubiki store. Using Photoshop and Illustrator Sion creates crisp clean works with a touch of humour and retro style. Often the humour is subtle, and not found until the work is inspected more closely - or it's hinted at in the works title, like this first one shown below: "Pants in the wind" - it makes me smile!

All of Sion's work would be a fantastic art choice for a child's bedroom - but it's perfect for grown-ups too! enjoy!

(images from Sion Lee)

visit Sion's store here and here

read Sion's blog

Paper Cut Die Cut

I have had trouble trying to find out any information about Suili, the amazingly talented gal behind the Paper Cut Die Cut store.

Suili's work is stunning, intricate, and full of patience! Suili painstakingly cuts each of these rice paper pieces by hand, and in doing so has created a breathtaking collection of work.

On my researching travels I discovered that Suili is multi talented and has another gorgeous store where she sells her crocheted flowers (they're worth a look!). Suili's Flickr site is a great way to browse through all her work - it really is stunning...

(images from Paper Cut Die Cut)

visit Suili's stores here and here

see more of Suili's work on flickr

read Suili's blog

Ahhhh, another week underway! I do so hope the week has started well for you. Thanks so much for stopping by today... have a great day!

see you tomorrow for V! xxoo

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