June 9, 2009

Quotes and Inspiration

One of my favourite daily reads is from Portland Oregon resident (yep, there I go again, another Portland-ite!), Summer Allen-Gibson. Summer's design based blog Design is Mine is firmly fixed in my morning routine. Design is Mine brings together a good dose of photo collages, a hint of fashion, fantastic Etsy finds and art collections, interior inspirations and a regular slot that has inspired this entire post - Thought of the Day.

Summer posts images of posters, embroidery, prints etc, all with an inspirational quote or saying. Sometimes something as simple as 'Be Happy' or 'Love Me', and sometimes something that brings a smile, like, 'I really like being alive. A lot.' Pieces that make you stop, ponder and reflect, and then hopefully give you a little charge for the day.

It was Summer's 'Thoughts of the Day' that inspired me to hunt out my own small collection to pop on the Alphabet today. I hope you find something that kick starts your day... enjoy!

"Twenty years from now..." by The Love Shop

"Sometimes you just have to Dance" by Lucky Bluebird Art

"Wherever you go..." by LJink

"Sometimes you just know" by Linzie Hunter with thanks to Design is Mine

"You are free to invent your life" by Laura George

"If the sky falls hold up your hands" by Laura George

"be" by bluembrownlee

"Not all those..." by Kate Majoie

"Today I will be..." by Studio Mela

(images as per credits, with many, many thanks to Summer at Design is Mine)

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visit Design is Mine

I can't believe we are already at the end of Q! I hope you have a lovely day : )

See you tomorrow for R! xxoo

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