June 16, 2009

V ery nice

Hello, so nice to have you visiting today, I hope you enjoy this wee V collection : ) Let's get started....

Villarreal Ceramics

There is nothing quite like white on white ceramic pieces. This work by Vanessa Villarreal of Villarreal Ceramics is a beautiful example. Vanessa's gorgeous collection of simple beautiful shapes and vessels is made by folding and cutting the clay to create different forms. Subtle textures from her fingertips and tools are left on the surface of each piece making each piece unique.

"I feel lucky to have found clay and cannot think of a better way to spend my day than creating."

(images and quote from Vanessa Villarreal)

visit Vanessa's store
see more of Vanessa's work on flickr

Vienna Horses

I don't often showcase jewellery. But I do enjoy a good dose of jewellery goodness, and when I found this pendant below by Meghan Limbrick from Vienna Horses I knew I had to share it with you! This jewellery work of Meghan's is only the tip of the iceberg, and taking a peek through her portfolio and blog suggests that Meghan is one very talented lady!

I love the idea of this wee fox as a Christmas decoration - we all love full bellies at Christmas : )

(images from Vienna Horses)

visit Meghan's
visit Meghans blog


So... Ninainvorm... what can I say? you should just go over to Nina van de Goor's flickr site and marvel at the all the colours and prints and collages and, and...the list goes on!

Nina's store Ninainvorm sells a collection of her ceramic works, screen prints and collages. She transforms vintage ceramics with her own prints, while also hand making her own ceramics using slip casts and hand shaping.
Her prints and collages are just as beautiful, bright, happy and full of sunshine! take a look: (and then head over to flickr!)

(images from Nina van de Goor)

visit Nina's website

visit Nina's store

see Nina's work on flickr

Oooh, W tomorrow and lots of goodness to be had!
I look forward to you joining me then...have a great day!! xxoo

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