June 18, 2009

X tra Y um!

A splendid mix of treats today - have fun!


The Mixko etsy store shows only a small selection of the entire Mixko range. Nahoko Koyama and Alexander Garnett's Mixko website shows a complete collection, that is diverse and striking, - from ceramic rings to t-shirts.

But it is their amazing 'Delight' wool felt lampshades that I want to showcase today. Have you seen them? Individually handmade using a technique that is similar to those used in shoe making, the designers use metal cutters to hand cut each butterfly and shape each shade by hand. Have a look:

(images from Mixko)

visit the Nahoko and Alexander's website
visit the Nahoko and Alexander's store here and here

Taeeun Yoo

Taeeun Yoo is a prolific and talented illustrator. As a graduate of The School of Visual Arts, New York based Taeeun sites tutor Bruce Waldman as a huge influence in her work. Bruce introduced Taeeun to etching, a medium she used to illustrate and write her first Children's Book The Little Red Fish.

The works shown below from Taeeun's store Yoote are originally created with Linoleum cut prints and pencil drawings. I really adore the textures that this printing process creates.. do you have a favourite?

(images from Taeeun Yoo)

visit Taeeun's website
visit Taeeun's store
read Taeeun's blog

Yellena James

I feel like I have been doing this a lot lately - directing you straight to the website of an artist... Yellena James definitely fits into the 'you-need-to-just-go-to-her-website' category! She is so, so talented that you really just have to go and check out her work yourselves. I'm finding it hard to come up with words that describe her work... may be 'breath-taking' is appropriate?

Below is a teeny glimpse into the pieces Yellena currently has in her self titled 'Yellena' etsy store. Do go and immerse yourself there and then pop over to her website and blog for more!

(images from Yellena James)


visit Yellena's website
visit Yellana's store
read Yellena's blog
read more about Yellena here

OOOhhhhh! It's Friday tomorrow and the end of this 4th Alphabet. As I mentioned earlier in the week we take a Alphabetical break next week...So instead of the usual format, I've got some exciting bits and bobs to share with you...I know you'll love it!

Yay! see you tomorrow for Z! xxoo

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