June 1, 2009

oh K!

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely weekend : ) It is a holiday here today, but I wanted to keep this alphabet momentum going... so we're not going to skip a beat...let's start the week with 3 super clever gals... here goes...

Kari Herer

When looking through Kari Herer's portfolio it is obvious that she is a gifted photographer. Her work is gentle, and serene, and, well just beautiful!

After my journey through Kari's website, I came across her blog and etsy store.. and it was there that I found these... (see below) - an absolutely stunning collection of images - magnolia buds combined with bug drawings - LOOK! so, so beautiful....

(images from Kari Herer)

visit Kari's
visit Kari's
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Kate Sutton

No doubt you have seen the work of Kate Sutton before, she's one of those clever, inspiring folk her seem to be able to make and do most things creative. You may recognise her distinctive style from the Renegade Craft Fair posters (see the new one on the right side panel), or maybe you have seen her artworks that have been available through Urban Outfitters (see last picture below).

I am smitten with these cuckoo clocks (pictured first below). They are such a great take on what has become a design favourite, I half expect that sweet wee birdie to poke his head out when the hour strikes : )

All though her store currently closed, do take a look through Kate's website, sketchbook and blog, you will know doubt find something fantastic (and inspiring)... enjoy!

(images from Kate Sutton)

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Michelle Kendrick Hartney
Michelle Kendrick Hartney is another multi talented gal, who produces work for not one but THREE etsy stores! It is Michelle's painting and drawing work that has really caught my eye.
I have a soft spot for works done on Maple board, and Michelle's definitely softens the spot! Her ability to capture the human form is beautiful. I am really enjoying her '50 states' project, where she seemingly effortlessly combines her figure drawing with a representation of every state in America
Have a look-see...

visit Michelle's website
visit Michelle's store
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visit Michelle's other stores, here and here
And there we have Monday and the beginnings to another alphabetical week.. I hope your week has started well.
See you tomorrow for L xx

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