June 19, 2009

LiZZie, LiZZie and LiZZie

We are ending this 4th Alphabet with Lizzie, Lizzie and Lizzie. Three super clever gals who are all exceptional at what they do... enjoy!

Lizzie Thomas

I am guessing that you now well and truly know how much I love Paper Art : ) Lizzie Thomas is a newly graduated paper artist whose use of paper and wood is absolutely stunning.

I think I first read about her work over at Design*Sponge. Make sure you click over to d*s to see more images of Lizzie's work.. and be sure to check out her portfolio...

I adore this series of works hidden inside wooden boxes. Lizzie describes this first piece;
"Inspired by experiencing how the Japanese celebrate the seasons, the ‘Hidden Season’ series are wooden books holding hand cut paper pop up scenes inside. Having caught the transient, each season is waiting to burst out at any time of the year."


(images from Lizzie Thomas)

visit Lizzie's website
read Lizzie's blog

Lizzie Allen

I can't remember where I first saw the work of Lizzie Allen. She has been the starlet of many a design blog and magazine, and it's no wonder...Her hand screen printed wallpaper is fantastic!

It is Lizzie's signature style of drawing and hand print quality that brings spontaneity and humour to these large scale story boards. Her style is both enchanting and timeless.

It was pretty tricky trying to find good quality images to share with you, so do pop over to Lizzie's website to view her complete collection.

(images from Lizzie Allen with thanks to Apartment Therapy)

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Lizzie Dish

Elizabeth House from Lizzie Dish has always wanted to be a fabric designer. At the age of 12 she had made her first phone calls to fabric houses requesting information for submissions. By her early twenties, Elizabeth signed her first deal with Andover Fabrics.

Elizabeth's first Lizzy Dish collection started from an idea to design and create a 50's influenced cook book. What it eventually turned into was a collection of gorgeous kitchen themed fabrics in fantastic colour combinations from the mid century eras.

"I wanted it to appear like something out of a 1950's or early 60's cook book. Something you got from your mom or were excited about finding in thrift store or at a garage sale. I kept that in mind while I was designing the line. Especially where the colors were concerned."

Have a look:

(images and quote from Elizabeth House)

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here and here

I have really enjoyed compiling this 4th Alphabet. I am always astounded by how wonderfully creative people are. And how this magical internet revolution has bought us all closer together.

I am so appreciative of being able to compile these collections to showcase to you. I hope you have found some things in here that inspire you to create, to enjoy, to buy(!).

Thank you so much for joining me, our new alphabet starts exactly one week from Monday (June 29th) and will take us all the way through to August. Don't forget to pop back next week for some exciting and interesting reading... maybe even a give-away! stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends,

see you Monday for....you'll have to wait and see! xxoo


Laura. said...

well, isn't this just the best idea ever?! and those hidden seasons pieces are absolutely stunning.

ingermaaike said...

What an amazing set of artists! And that treescape in a box...totally stunning!

Meliors Simms said...

I'm a Lizzie Thomas fan, so you have won me over right from Z! So glad to have round you (via Art Mind). Looking forward to reading back through the alphabets as I wait to read forward from next week.