June 3, 2009

M mmmm

I forgot to mention that we had a lovely long weekend, it actually snowed at our house which is a VERY rare occurrence as we live at the beach! It bought about a huge amount of excitement, and saw young lads outside in their pyjamas ("no time for clothes or jackets mama!") throwing ice and snow at the windows : )

The boys and I also stocked up on craft supplies - hessian for stitching pictures with rainbow coloured wool.. and big needles and more wool so we could start our 'knitting lessons'...My oldest son (aged 6) is enjoying this new craft, and is determined to make a scarf. He is finding his way around his small fingers, the needles and the wool and is managing a few stitches here and there. - very cool! I knitted alot as a child, but haven't done any knitting for a LONG time, it is definitely addictive, and I have to stop finishing the scarf myself!! - best get my own needles and wool!!

Enough about me! - I can't believe we are already in the middle of our 4th alphabet series - has it gone unbelievably fast for you too??

This M collection is proving to be very enjoyable, I hope you enjoy it too...let's get on with it -

Michele Maule

I am so intrigued with Portland Oregon, it seems that so many amazing creative folk live there - Michele Maule is one of those amazing creative folk that produce a collection of work that is full of sunshine.

I read an interview with Michele over at Indie Pretty Perfect and discovered some really inspiring things about her. Last year after moving to Michigan, Michelle was finding it difficult to secure a job. Even though she was feeling a bit down on herself, she decided to open an etsy store - a decision that saw her achieve a life-long dream, to be a full time artist - Proof, that every cloud really DOES have a silver lining!

..."I would often dream about being able to quit my job and just make art full time. It's so hard for me to believe sometimes that it actually came true... and I have to stop and just take it in once in awhile... I mean how often is it that people get to do what they are really passionate about?"

Michele has now moved back to her hometown Portland and is in the process of setting up a studio with a group of creatives - (including our next M artist). Check out a snippet of Michele's work below...

(images and quote from Michele Maule)

visit Michele's website
visit Michele's store
read Michele's blog
read Michele's interview at Indie Pretty Perfect

Michelle Ramin
Usually I choose work because I like it visually, and then I do the research into the artists. It wasn't until I started researching this M post that I discovered these first two clever gals are about to start sharing the same work environment.

Michelle Ramin is a Portland artist, who just happens to share a collective space with Michele Maule. Michelle has a huge collection of works on varying subjects but it was this series of her sister Katie that I have fallen in love with.. have a look!

(images from Michelle Ramin)

visit Michelle's website
visit Michelle's store

Michael McDowell
Michael McDowell is another artist living his dream. After trying a 'conventional-money-making-life' Michael finally gave in to his heart and started making his handmade ceramics - YAY!
As you may know I love ceramics, and Michael's work is no exception, check it out below - oh, and the teeny tiny terrarium accessories he crafts make me smile : ) (see mushroom piccy below).

"At the very least, I am happier making art than I have ever been and I think that is reflected in my work."

(images and quote from Michael McDowell)
visit Michael's website
visit Michael's stores here and here
NB: For those of you here in Wellington NZ, Michael's work is available through Madame Fancy Pants, 217 Cuba Street Wellington. yippee!

There goes the first half of the fourth alphabet! The second half is shaping up rather nicely : )
I look forward to share the beginnings of it tomorrow with N.
Until then, Have a lovely day! xxoo

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