June 28, 2009

that's Amore!

Welcome! I hope your week between alphabets was a good one : ) Here we are at Alphabet number five - FIVE! I was astounded at 4, but five is just magic! Thank you so much for joining me.... let's begin...


Have you visited Astulabee? It's a wee store that houses the gorgeous creations of Nicole Licht.

"Each astulabee textile work is unique and individually considered, created with lots of hand stitching and special details, utilizing carefully selected materials. Sturdy enough to be shared as keepsake or heirloom toy they are equally enjoyed as soft sculpture for adults."

You know how much I love softies don't you?? Take a look a these! Clever, clever, clever!!

(images and quote from Nicole Licht)

visit Nicole's website
visit Nicole's store
read Nicole's blog

Anna Cote

Anna Cote is a self taught Graphic Designer whose passion for her creative pursuits finally outweighed her day job. In 2005 she started her own stationery and design business; Modern Printed Matter.

With a fab retail store in Rhode Island, and gorgeous etsy store and a killer stockists list, Anna's work is definitely loved by a whole heap of people - and it's no wonder - have a peek:

(images from Anna Cote)

visit Anna's website
visit Anna's store
read Anna's blog
visit the Modern Printed Matter retail store:
see Anna's list of stockists

Abigail Brown

Abigail Brown! Oh so clever!

If you haven't journeyed through her work yet, you really should...and her website - her 'about me' page is adorable enough without even seeing her work!

"...Whether birds, monkeys, cats or elephants, my work centres around animals because they give me comfort, they are truly heart warming, they make me smile...and that is the same reaction I hope merely to evoke in others."

Abigail's work is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

(images and quote from Abigail Brown)

visit Abigail's website
visit Abigail's store

Yay for A! It's really nice to finally be dipping our toes into this 5th Alphabet. It is shaping up nicely with lots of goodness in store - will you join me?

See you tomorrow for B!

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