June 8, 2009

P erfect


I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had really beautiful weather here - a bit cold but glorious blue sky's. Perfect days for lying in the sun on the lounge room floor doing puzzles and building castles out of blocks : )

We have a great 'P' collection to start the week off - enjoy!

Puka Puka

Puka Puka is the brainchild of Australian designer Nina Still. Nina creates these beautiful nature inspired mobiles from her home base in Sydney. (Yay for designers down-under!)

Nina's many adventures across South Eastern Australia means she has an evolving collection of sketches and found objects that are the motivation and inspiration behind each of these handcrafted pieces.

When you read through Nina's website and look through her photos it is easy to see where her inspiration comes from - Oak Leaves (first below), Sea Sponge (4th and 5th below)... Have a look through, and then go out into your own environment and see what takes your fancy : )

(images from Puka Puka)

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Pink Cheeks Studios

Do you remember the 'Softie' phase I went through in the last alphabet?? I haven't really showcased many softies in this alphabet, but when I discovered the work of Nichol from Pink Cheeks Studios I just had to share it with you!

These gorgeous little guys and gals are described in Nichol's store as "Charming Couch Conversation Pieces". Just like Simpli Jessi (who I wrote about here), Nichol invents a personality for each of her pieces -

Felix and Felicity (picture first below)

"Here is Felicity and Felix. Felix is an alley cat who dresses for success. His favorite music is Jazz. Felicity has a soft spot for stray cats and admires Felix's fashion sense so she always leaves him warm milk outside of her door in her fanciest bowls. Felix appreciates this greatly. Felicity also likes Jazz music. She plays the saxophone and the drums. She is shy though, so she is not in a band, but she is training herself to play the saxophone one-handed, so that her other hand will be free to drum. This way, she can be a one-woman Jazz band. Felix admires Felicity's resourcefulness."

and the second gentleman below is Herbert. Don't you just LOVE the fabric of his shirt??

"Ever since he was a little tot, Herbert was attracted to cars. Whenever his parents couldn't find him in the house, they always ended up finding him underneath the car in the garage looking at all the oily whirly-gigs. As an adult, Herbert is pretty sure that he is related in some way to Click and Clack (the car-talk brothers on NPR), maybe a long lost cousin-twice-removed or something. Herbert knows the answers to all the questions people call in to ask Click and Clack. Sometimes he answers them out loud and pretends to be a part of Click and Clack's dialogue. One day he will write a letter requesting to be a co-host on the show---his name could be Clonk---and it will be great.


(images from Pink Cheeks Studio)

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Paper Breakfast

What originally caught my eye when I was visiting the Paper Breakfast store was this image pictured first below. This simple collaged work is titled "Love Line". I adore how this collage isn't fussy or flashy, just two birds connected through this string of love- are they building a nest? hanging decorations for a celebration? Who knows! What I do know is that this humble piece is a great introduction to a beautiful and varied collection of works - take a peek:

(images from Paper Breakfast)

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And that's Monday. I do so hope your week has started well. I look forward to having your company again tomorrow : )

See you then, for Q!

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