June 5, 2009

O h my!

It's Friday again! We are rounding out week 3 with this O post.. have fun!

Old School Stationers

Another fun find from Portland Oregon : )

Old School Stationers is owed and operated by a Brian and Amy Reed - not just husband and wife but a dymanmic designing duo!

Believe it or not all their original artwork is hand drawn by Brian - no computers, no keyboards or fancy drawing tablets, just good old pencil and paper. Brian colour-seperates each image and then hand presses them in their nearly-100 year old press.

Amy draws on years of expereince in the home textile industry and assists Brian with the colour and pattern choices. Together they produce a collection of work that is inspired by the flowers growing in their garden, textile patterns and childhood camping memories (to name a few).

Check it out....

(images from Old School Stationers)

visit Brian and Amy's website
visit Brian and Amy's store

One Punk Posy

I LOVE these miniature moss terranuims by One Punk Posy. Elizabeth DeHart, is the creative mind behind this collection of tiny handpainted figures that explore their enclosed mossy worlds.

The little figures are staked into a carefully curated moss 'lawn' with a soil, charcoal and riverrock base. - Super easy to look after too, and each one comes gently packaged, and includes care instructions... have a look!

(images from One Punk Posy)
visit Elizabeth's store

Otis Pepper

So, as I do, I started researching Melbourne (Australia) based Nicholas Girling of Otis Pepper, and you know what? You should just pop over to his store and blog and read all about him there. He sounds like a really great guy, and I'd think I would like him if I ever met him : ) So go on, off you go... oh, but first, have a taste of his work below....

(images from Otis Pepper)
off you go, and check it out...
visit Nicks store
visit Nick's blog

And there we have O and another weekend ahead. What are you up to this weekend? We have pretty relaxed plans here. I'm looking forward to spending time with my boys, and making lunch for some good friends we havent seen for ages.

What ever you do this weekend, I hope you get a moment to share some time with those you love.

Have a great weekend! See you Monday for P! xxoo

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Nick Girling (otispepper) said...

Thanks for the post. May your inbox be full of goodness.