June 29, 2009

C racker!

I got a bit side-tracked today, browsing around the web and doing lots of reading. I really should of been compiling posts! I do tell myself that good things are to be gained from research, so the majority of my day was spent 'researching'. I did come across some great finds that I'm eager to share with you through the rest of this alphabet, but firstly...

Let's get this 'C' started....

Bonspiel Creations

I couldn't fit Bonspiel Creations in yesterday's B slot, so luckily I could share it with you today!

Ellen Box is the designer and creator of the Bonspiel collection. Ellen is an etsy success story, one of the super hard working, talented folk who has quit her day job to concentrate on her own creative business. yay!

Listing her favourite materials as being Leather, Cotton Jersey, Canvas and Dye, Ellen melds these four things into a collection that includes, clothing, accessories and the coolest collection of hand-made and printed coin purses, card pockets, wallets and bags... take a look:

(images from Ellen Box)

visit Ellen's store
visit Ellen's discount store
read about Ellen's success in I Quit My Day Job
read Ellen's interview on etsy's featured seller

Cricket Press

Brian and Sara Turner are the husband and wife duo behind printing studio Cricket Press. Creating their own individual pieces, Brian and Sara work side by side to create a collection that is bold and colourful.

Alongside their online store, Cricket Press also offer a fantastic design and hand printing service, producing some amazing posters, Art/Event announcements, Stationery and Packaging.

"...about 98% of the stuff we make is hand-rendered or hand-crafted of some sort; straight from our little imaginations, down to our hands, and right onto the page. Of course, it might take a little longer, but we think it's worth it."

(images and quote from Cricket Press)

visit Brain and Sara's website
visit Brian and Sara's store
read Brian and Sara's blog

Aunty Cookie

I have written about the work of Shannon Lamden before. I absolutely adore her work and have enjoyed watching her collection grow and develop over the years.

I visited Shannon's Aunty Cookie website the other day and was exited to see that she has a series of Quilted Lap Blankets in her store.

Using an assortment of designer, hand screen printed (including her own) and Japanese fabrics, each of Shannon's blankets are a fabulous mixture of colour and pattern.. take a peek:

(images from Shannon Lamden)

visit Shannon's website
visit Shannon's store
read Shannon's blog

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Favourite Find:

I spotted this lamp over at Design*Sponge and just had to share it with you!

"the dapple light has a wood veneer shade and, on the inside, thousands of glass mirrors. inspired by a disco ball, the dapple light casts a dramatic shadow and creates an “explosion of light” thanks to all those tiny glass mirrors."


(images and quote from Design*Sponge - thanks Grace!)

Visit Reiko's website for more.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Yay! we are midway through week 1 tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed the first three segments in Alphabet5...it is lovely having you here : ) Have a great day!

See you tomorrow for D! xxoo

June 28, 2009


Jumping in with a B-B Bounce!

Brenda Rose

he-he ANOTHER Portland Oregon lovely!! I can't help it sorry, Portland folk make such good things!!

One of the downfalls of this Alphabet format is that if I discover someone and we are past 'their' letter I have to wait to tell you about it. Brenda Rose was added to my catalogue around 'S'. And I have been waiting since then to show you her work!

Maybe you have seen it before? She is well loved by the blogging community. Brenda's art works are a great mix of old and new, paint and illustration, collage and 3D. Her clocks - well, they're just ooze doily love!

Take a peek:

(images from Brenda Rose)

visit Brenda's
read Brenda's blog
visit Brenda's stores Brendarose (artwork) & Andfurthermore (clocks).

Bison Ceramics

I first came upon Bison Ceramics over at the modamuse blog. Brian Tunks, Bison's principle designer, started his career excavating ancient Greco-Roman sites in the Middle East. His passion for ceramics developed as he unearthed artifact after artifact - vases, bowls and pottery shards that were both decorative and domestic.

"It quickly became clear that ceramics were one of the most significant and enduring symbols of great civilisations, lasting long after the civilisations that created them had crumbled."

Each Bison piece is made with the care and expertise found historically. This ancient knowledge combined with modern designs and materials ensures a product that is not only beautiful and durable but will last more than one lifetime.

"Where will your Bison be in one thousand years?"

(images and quotes from Bison Ceramics)

visit the Bison Ceramics website
visit the Bison Ceramics retail store: Shop 9 Howey Place
273-277 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
Tel: (03) 9650 1938

Amy Blackwell

"I dabble in the noble art of doodling, illustration and occasionally crochet. When I was young I wanted to be a mad scientist but unfortunately I wasn't gifted with a mind strong enough to cope with the numbers, letters and rules. So I quickly decided that my path in life would be accompanied by a notebook and pen, a yellow flask of semi sweet tea, a small orange fox, a slightly bent but empty birdcage and a rusty red lantern I found in the street. Unfortunately I only have 2 hands so I carry the leftover items in my backpack, alternating from time to time and picking up treasures and inspiration along the way. Welcome to my world..."

The above is copied and pasted from the profile on Amy Blackwell's etsy store. It pretty much sums up her work - beautiful, whimsical, colourful and super sweet!

I am such a huge fan of foxes (since my oldest son decided he wanted to change his name to Fox :), and these orange bushy tailed creatures feature heavily in Amy's work. I only show one foxy image here, but if you jump over to her store you will find a whole heap more! - Lovely!

(images and quote from Amy Blackwell)

visit Amy's
visit Amy's
read Amy's

C you tomorrow!! Have a great day everyone! xxoo

that's Amore!

Welcome! I hope your week between alphabets was a good one : ) Here we are at Alphabet number five - FIVE! I was astounded at 4, but five is just magic! Thank you so much for joining me.... let's begin...


Have you visited Astulabee? It's a wee store that houses the gorgeous creations of Nicole Licht.

"Each astulabee textile work is unique and individually considered, created with lots of hand stitching and special details, utilizing carefully selected materials. Sturdy enough to be shared as keepsake or heirloom toy they are equally enjoyed as soft sculpture for adults."

You know how much I love softies don't you?? Take a look a these! Clever, clever, clever!!

(images and quote from Nicole Licht)

visit Nicole's website
visit Nicole's store
read Nicole's blog

Anna Cote

Anna Cote is a self taught Graphic Designer whose passion for her creative pursuits finally outweighed her day job. In 2005 she started her own stationery and design business; Modern Printed Matter.

With a fab retail store in Rhode Island, and gorgeous etsy store and a killer stockists list, Anna's work is definitely loved by a whole heap of people - and it's no wonder - have a peek:

(images from Anna Cote)

visit Anna's website
visit Anna's store
read Anna's blog
visit the Modern Printed Matter retail store:
see Anna's list of stockists

Abigail Brown

Abigail Brown! Oh so clever!

If you haven't journeyed through her work yet, you really should...and her website - her 'about me' page is adorable enough without even seeing her work!

"...Whether birds, monkeys, cats or elephants, my work centres around animals because they give me comfort, they are truly heart warming, they make me smile...and that is the same reaction I hope merely to evoke in others."

Abigail's work is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

(images and quote from Abigail Brown)

visit Abigail's website
visit Abigail's store

Yay for A! It's really nice to finally be dipping our toes into this 5th Alphabet. It is shaping up nicely with lots of goodness in store - will you join me?

See you tomorrow for B!