August 28, 2008


Wow the alphabet sure does whizz by!! Here we are at E already...

mily Sutton

Check out these beautiful birdies from British artist Emily Sutton. Each one is hand painted and hand embroidered - and absolutely gorgeous! They have apparently been selling like hotcakes which I'm not surprised about - it would be pretty hard to not take home a whole flock!
(Thanks to Oh Joy for the introduction to Emily's work : )

have a look:

(images from Emily Sutton)

visit Emily's website
Emily's work is currently available from St. Jude's Gallery

Eclipse Light Shade

The lovely ladies at Port Chalmers Design Store pointed me in the direction of the Eclipse Light Shade designed by Tim Hunt. Tim is a Dunedin based product designer who has recently graduated from Otago Polytechnic.

I love the bright pop colours that this shade is available in - and the fact that it is designed to only use an energy saving light bulb! - check them out:

(images from Endemic World)

the Eclipse Design website is currently under construction.. contact Tim for details
shop for the Eclipse Light Shade at Endemic World

Erin Ruth

I love how being conscious about the world is filtering through into every day products. You can practically buy an eco 'anything' these days! It is also great that conscious designers are paving the way with eco products that don't compromise on style... Erin Ruth does just that.

The Erin Ruth collection is a range of gorgeous eco (60% recycled paper and printed with soy based ink) gift wrap and note cards that combine modern trends and beauty with classic style.

I am adoring this fresh yellow print that would be perfect for a paper project - or would be a fabulous wrap to pop around a gift for a new babe... take a peek:

(images from Erin Ruth)

visit Erin's website
shop at Erin's store and etsy shop

And there we have it the end of another alphabetical week! - do you have a nice weekend planned? We are looking forward to catching up with friends this weekend. We had a perfect spring day today so hopefully we will be able to sit by the sea and have coffee in the sun at our local cafe.

Have a lovely weekend! See you Monday for F!

August 27, 2008

d - licious!

There is a great line up for D today - enjoy!!

Aida Dirse

I love these bowls by Aida Dirse. Their simple patterns and bright poppy colours make them seem almost child-made, but on closer inspection Aida's steady hand and amazing ability to bring simple 'dots' to life become more obvious. Have a look...and fall in love....

(image from Oh Joy)

Aida's work can be purchased from Rare Device

Third Drawer Down

I have always loved the idea of a productive creative group of artists.. and Third Drawer Down is just that...

Just over 5 years ago Abigail Crompton launched the Third Drawer Down project, and began reinventing the humble dish towel as limited edition domestic artwork. Abi works with a diverse range of artists and designers and produces an amazing collection that now also includes Pillow Cases, Lapkins, Artkercheifs, Bupkins and Artprons.. take a peek...

(images from Third Drawer Down)

visit the Third Drawer Down website
shop at the Third Drawer Down store
the Third Drawer Down retail store (and new gallery) is relocating and opening in mid-September at 93 George Street, Fitzroy, Victoria. Australia

Deer oh Deer

I am sure you are well aware that Deer are everywhere! I've hunted down some Etsy faves and made a wee collection for you to peruse.. enjoy!!

images top row: sanfran67, uppitywomandesigns,
bottom row: neawear and ruby's lounge

(images from artist's mentioned above)

shop at Etsy for all your Deer faves : )

And that was D! I hope you enjoyed it : )

see you tomorrow for E! xx

and C is for....

Hello, we have a bit of a theme today with all three C's coming from New Zealand.

First up is..

Conscious Design

Included in the Conscious Design collection is a range of furniture that lets you change its look whenever it takes your fancy...

The Tio Chair was first off the ramp - This chair is perfectly styled and super comfortable... the most famous feature of this award winning design is it's interchangeable fabric covers. Designed by some of NZ's most notable Fashion Designers, the covers can be changed on a whim - from thick tweed-like wool to bright brocade, the selection is superb.

Earlier this year, Conscious released the Tio Table. This table is perfect for any modern living space (and it would be fab in a professional reception area). The Tio Table allows you to display your favourite pieces under it's clear glass top. Whether it is your child's art work or your latest gallery purchase, or even the shells that were collected on your last beach visit, this clever piece of furniture lets you personalise your coffee table in an instant..

(images from Conscious Design and Eon)

visit the Conscious Design website

Rachel Carley

My dream kitchen would have a collection of gorgeous ceramic pieces by Rachel Carley - have you seen them??

I love the colours and shapes... and the fact that they are made in New Zealand.

Rachel Carley started designing ceramics in 1994, but her cleverness doesn't stop there - she has just completed a PhD in architecture and currently works as a lecturer at the School of Design at Unitech in Auckland.

So, yep, she knows her stuff, and yep, her range is beautiful! - check it out...

(images from Wanda Harland and Sabato)

visit Rachel's website
see Rachel's website for stockists

Phil Cuttance

I was over at a friends house last week and gasped at the new light shade that they had hanging in their entrance way... there was lots of oohing and ahhhing, and a lingering look at the pretty nifty instructions that came with it... this was followed with some talk about it's creator Phil Cuttance and a discussion as to what type of 'brain' it would take to come up with such a thing - creative genius?? or creative crazyness?? - I lie awake at night thinking about random boring stuff... I can only imagine what must of been going through Phil's head when he was figuring out the design of this intricate, complex and incredibly beautiful piece of work...

introducing Cloud City

and another gem - Rough Diamond..

Both are made as a limited edition - so snap one up quick!

(images from Phil Cuttance)

visit Phil's website

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of NZ design - tomorrow it's D! - see you then!

August 26, 2008


Hello, and welcome to Tuesday!

let's start the day with...


The word Binth was invented by Suzanna Bierwirth, Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits. I did read in an old Decor8 post that Binth stands for "Beautiful, Intriguing, New, Timeless and Haunting".

The trio create a collection of products under the Binth name that includes a gorgeous kids collection, plus, pillows, greeting cards and art prints.
The 'Binth' style is clean, original and modern. All their colours are hand mixed, producing a striking colour palette of soft contemporary hues. It is this colour mixing, teamed with their collaborative design process that gives the range that distinctive 'Binth' look.

I adore their Baby Book which offers parents an alternative to the traditional books regularly available. It has been given rave reviews...

"It's so absolutely beautiful you could practically hang it on the wall. Each page features equally wonderful plant and animal silhouettes, screen printed on archival paper. There are 52 of them (pages) to enjoy, taking you from birth to age 3. You also get a pretty keepsake box. Binth makes fabulous birth announcements and shower invitations too, but this book takes the cake. And it's part of a limited edition, making it almost as unique as your little one. So if you want to get back to baby book basics, look no further." - From the Baby Gadget Blog October 2006

Take a peek:

(images from Binth)


visit the Binth website

see Binth for stockists

Jill Bliss

"The underlying hope in everything that I do is to inspire others, and to encourage a more thoughtful art and design industry that focuses on local economies, fair practices and reusable or sustainable materials, and less consumption tied to ever-changing trends."

Wow! This quote is from the website of Jill Bliss. Doesn't it sound amazing!!?? Jill is an accomplished artist, illustrator, designer and crafter who is achieving these goals through her own Blissen Range of Paper Goods, Art Prints, Mirrors, Buttons and Note Cards - All made in small batches in her Portland (Oregon) studio.

Jill grew up on a farm in northern California and her academic and professional backgrounds have seen her working and studying in New York and San Fransisco. It is this background that shows so strongly through in her work - her attention to natural details mixed with her sparse-yet-dense sense of colour and design.

Have a look:

(images from Jill Bliss)

visit the Jill Bliss website
visit the Blissen store
read Jill's blog

Birdy Mobile from Spool

I thought it would be fun to end this B post with a little DIY project from Spool..

This mobile is stunning! It would definitely be a fabulous addition to a baby's room - but hey! who needs a baby?? I want on for myself!

Click here for Spool's FREE birdy mobile pattern - and get creative!

(images from Spool)

visit Spools website
check out more of Spools free patterns
read Spool's blog


and tomorrow is C! c you then! x