June 23, 2009

Kid Wednesday

Kid Loe


I hope you have been enjoying this week as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you : )

Today we are taking a tiny glimpse into some beautiful and fun kids products. As you may (or may not) know I run an online store - Apple of My Eye - selling gorgeous gifts for children. The 'apple' chapter of my life is coming to a close soon, but I still seem to find time to browse through the huge array of lovely gifts and goodies that are being produced for tots all over the world. Here is a snippet:


Blabla produce a gorgeous range of ethically made and traded knitted toys, blankets, and mobiles as well as a super cute collection of clothing and accessories. Blabla is one of our favourite brands at 'apple' and I can't speak highly enough of the quality - and the cuteness! check it out...

(images from Blabla)

visit the Blabla website and store
visit Apple of My Eye

A City in a Bag

I have always LOVED this collection of City's in a Bag blocks from Muji. With stores in Europe, Asia and North America, the collection of city's has grown considerably since the last time I visited their site... have a look!

ABOVE: Paris

ABOVE: London

ABOVE: Germany

ABOVE: New York

ABOVE: Tokyo

ABOVE: Italy

(images from Muji)

visit the Muji website
see the Muji store locator


My youngest son and I have been regularly visiting our local library. These visits have reignited my love for beautiful illustration combined with an inspiring story. These two books have been favourites on our last couple of visits...

Manfish, The Story of Jacques Cousteau
Written by Jennifer Berne. Illustrated by Eric Puybaret

What an amazing man, so driven and inspired by the beauty of the ocean. We have him to thank for so many things, he brought the ocean and it's inhabitants into our living rooms, he made us aware of how precious this vast and beautiful part of our planet truly is. He really was our champion of the sea.

Written by Jonah Winter. Illustrated by Ana Juan

Frida Kahlo is another amazing person who against all the odds (and there were plenty) she continued to live her dream. Her love for painting saved her from all the pain and suffering she had in her life. Her life and work is rightfully celebrated around the globe - viva la frida!

(images from Barnes and Noble)

buy Manfish from Barnes and Noble
buy Frida from Barnes and Noble

My lovely husband has decided to take the rest of the week off. This really is pretty close to a miracle! He works so hard and for the longest hours. How can a girl pass up the opportunity to hang out with her man??? She can't really, nor does she want to!! So, we have decided to make this coming weekend a long one and I will be taking Friday off. I can't wait!

There's still more coming tomorrow, so until then...

have a great day! xxoo

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