June 10, 2009

Sssss izzlin!

Happy Thursday to you! I hope your day is going well : ) We have a nice little assortment for you today... three very different collections - I think you will really like them... There are loads of piccys today too - so grab a cuppa and enjoy the eye-candy!

Stepanka Horalkova

mmmm ceramics : ) you know how much I love them - don't you???

I'm not sure how long Stepanka Horalkova has been producing pottery, but there are two things I do know - 1.she has taught herself to make these beautiful hand built ceramics and 2. she's fantastic at it!

Originally from the Czech Republic, Stepanka has been living in New York for over ten years, perfecting her craft and managing the studio at the Columbia University Teachers Collage.

I love the earthy colour tones in Stepanka's work. Below is just a snippet of a wide and varied collection. Pop over to her website to indulge in some more...

(images from Stepanka Horalkova)

visit Stepanka's website
visit Stepanka's store

Spread the Love

Melanie Linder is the super clever gal behind this gorgeous 'Spread the Love' collection. Hand drawing every picture and then perfecting each colour on her computer. Melanie's range has a sense of freedom and whimsy. I think she really does achieve what she has set out to do...

"Spread the love is meant to do exactly that – spread the love - one little doodle at a time."

(images and quote from Melanie Linder)

visit Melanie's store
read Melanie's blogs here and here

Cardboard Safari

Chris Jessee and Luis Rodrigalvarez's Cardboard Safari store's profile says "we make neat stuff from cardboard". 'Neat' is a bit of an understatement really. Cardboard Safari is a whole new level of creative genius.

Drawing inspiration from nature and the use of sustainable materials, Chris and Luis use precision laser cutting to transform humble card into a fab collection of trophy heads, whole animals, boxes, Christmas trees and wreaths. Take a peek:

(images from Cardboard Safari)

visit Chris and Luis's website
visit Chris and Luis's store
read Chris and Luis's blog

We are nearly at the end of another week! Can you believe that we have one more week left in this fourth Alphabet?? I am having fun compiling some goodies to showcase in the 'week between' Alphabets - I know you are going to love it!

Have a wonderful day! See you tomorrow for T! xxoo

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melanie said...

WOW! thank you so much! i am so honored to be mentioned and super flattered by your kind words! i love your blog and can't wait to tell friends and see what's next...