June 24, 2009

Thursday Make and Do


So, I when I first started thinking about today's post, I was thinking about all the amazing DIY packs you can get at the moment - everything from Knitting Kits to windowsill Herb Gardens. All this thinking about DIY triggered my memory for this great little (well it's now large) range of fantastic DIY packs from NZ based company Seedling.

There is something to be said about taking the time out to create and to do it yourself - whether you are a child, or an adult. I encourage you to make something, anything - may be do some baking, make a card for someone, or start (or finish!) a knitting project. It doesn't matter how big or small, or how long it takes. Create.

If you need some inspiration, have a look at the fabulous Seedling images below that are packaged full of inspiration - or take a trip back through the last 4 Alphabets and find something that takes your fancy... and most of all, have fun!

What started out as four fun Seedling products has now grown into over 50 unique and inspiring kits, ranging from 'Paint your own Russian Dolls' to "The Little Spanish Art Kit'. From this collection of packs has grown a retail outlet and a stockist list that reaches around of the globe...

Aimed mainly at children, the Seedling philosophy is "for a good old-fashioned experience that means time shared, skills gained and something that kids can really dig their teeth into".

From one small seed a mighty tree will grow! enjoy!

(images from Seedling)

visit the Seedling website
read the Seedling blog
contact Seedling for stockists
visit the Seedling store at 297 Ponsonby Road. Auckland. NZ

As I said yesterday I am taking tomorrow off because my lovely husband has taken time off work - yay!!! So make sure you have a wonderful day today and tomorrow, and I'll join you here again on Monday...

See you Monday for A! xxoo

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