June 12, 2009

T asty!

Seeing we started a bit late today we are going to jump straight in... have fun!

Tuesday Mourning

I was so excited when I came across the work of Merrilee Liddiard of
Tuesday Mourning. I love, love, love this first print below. In fact I think that when I've finished here, I might skip over to Merrilee's store and snap one up!

Based in Southern California, Merrilee is a super talented illustrator, painter and designer who not only illustrates the covers of a variety of chapter books, she has two children's books in the pipeline, all the while producing a fantastic body of work for her store. But wait there's more! Merrilee also writes a beautiful blog -
'Mer Mag' that I highly recommend you visit.

Take a peek:

(images from Merrilee Liddiard)

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visit Merrilee's
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here and here

Matte Art

Ahhhhh the work of Matte Stephens. I have been a fan of Matte's work for a really long time now, but I have to say I hadn't revisited his website or store for a while. When I did the other day I was excited to see that Matte had bought his illustrations to life by creating adorable felted versions of his much loved characters... So much fun! have a look!

(images from Matte Stephens)

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website (currently under construction)
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A Tea Leaf

Alissa is a(nother : ) Portland Oregon based artist. I am really enjoying this selection from her Standard Movement series that she has in her A Tea Leaf store. Alissa's blog has a fantastic explanation of this series, which I do recommend you read. I am enjoying the mixture of coffee coloured drawings, hints of remnants from other people's lives and the touches of turquoise - bliss!

(images from A Tea Leaf)

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It's Friday again! What are you up to this weekend? I hope that whatever you do your days are full of sunshine - both in the sky and in your heart xxoo. Have a great weekend!

see you Monday!

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