October 30, 2008



Sorry it has been a bit of a slow week here on the 'Alphabet'...my computer is pretty sick, and I've managed to loose quite a bit of info and different programs, so it has been a bit of a task trying to get it sorted...anyway, I am now working on Steve's computer, trying to put a very late post together..

So, despite all that carry-on I have decided to dedicate this post to my Grandmothers -

Today I bought a packet of Cameo Creme biscuits (for those who don't know them, they are two choccy biscuits, sandwiched together with a creamy filling) - anyway, I bought them purely because they remind me of my grandmother, the taste, the smell, it takes me right back to her kitchen table. Steve and I just ate the whole packet. Yeh, probably not the healthiest snack, but it was all for the sake of nostalgia!!

And... these images I have chosen for S. Are for my other Grandmother, who loved gardening, always had beautiful blooms in her garden and home and often comes to mind when I surprise myself and can name a plant or tree or flower... all because of her..

Anyway.. enjoy!

Sugar Snaps

I cant remember where I found Sugar Snaps.. but the work of Hilary Upton is included in my new photographic love affair. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Hilary is from NZ!

“With a love of nature I am drawn to photography to capture something special and highlight the magic in nature that is there but often missed - a Sugar Snap!”

Lovely, lovely prints and super cutie softies can be found in Hilary's store.. I have picked a collection of beautiful floral prints to show you.. have a look:

(images and quote from Sugar Snaps)

visit the Sugar Snaps store
read Hilary's blog

Studio Home Creative

So, from here I want you to skip over to Studio Home Creative.

Studio Home Creative is a fabulous NZ based Design blog that supports New Zealand and Australian design, art and craft.

Julia Atkinson is an amazing interior designer behind SHC and is responsible for introducing me to some fabulous makers and doers from around this part of the world... Like...Flox - do you remember my post about Hayley King?? Well Julia has some more of Hayley's work on her blog, it is a collaboration between Flox and Component of CutCollective... LOOK!!!

(image from CutCollective with thanks to Studio Home Creative)

jump right over to Studio Home Creative
visit Julia's Interior Design website
visit CutCollective's MySpace page

go on, off you go... : )

Thanks putting up with all the hiccups we hare having!!

T is next! see you then!

October 29, 2008

P, Q and R


We have a bit of catching up to do, so let's jump straight in..

Please Be Still

Have you seen the work of Jen Renninger?? I discovered her work a while ago now and have the pleasure of doing business with her and selling a couple of prints through Apple of My Eye. Jen is one super clever lady, and her Please Be Still store is the place to purchase all her lovely work.

As part of her 08 New Years resolution Jen set out to publish one image a day. Each of them unique and beautiful. This fab 'Every Day' collection sits beautifully beside her 'other' work, which includes a fantastic range of Modern Design Deck Prints, painting and collage.

Have a look!

(images from Jen Renninger)

visit the Please Be Still store
visit Jen's website
read Jen's Blog

Quiet Darling

I am loving my new discovery of photographers. Quiet Darling is a brand new Etsy store (opened in September this year) selling sultry, dark and beautiful Polaroid images. There isn't any info about the artist on the store's profile, only this:


chapped lips and skinned knees
blanket forts and paper cranes
hiding behind the magnolia tree
dreams of whales and the milky way
memories and grandma
freckle summer and bubble tea
someone to read withhold ghosts
secret treasures and whispering secrets
sad ghosts lace and grandfather elk
run-away dollies and pippi
sailing a wooden shoe and peter piper
honey cakes and pear pie
a garden of my own
these magical mountain forests.

Hi, I'm new xox


So, that's all the info I have - poetic huh?? Have a look at these lovely images ..

(images from Quiet Darling)
visit The Quiet Darling store

Royal Buffet
I came across Royal Buffet earlier this month on Decor8 and immediately earmarked it for R.
Mollie Greene is the wonderful designer, maker and doer behind this collection of beautiful paper garlands and mobiles. Each one delicate and light - have a look:

(images from Royal Buffet)

visit the Royal Buffet store
read Mollie's website and blog

And there we have P, Q and R!! I am so glad we got to catch up!!

Have a wonderful day! see you tomorrow for S!

October 28, 2008

I am here!

hi all.. it looks like my computer has enjoyed the long weekend break.. as it has now gone CRAZY! and wont let me do anything!! ARRRGGGHHHHH!!

Hopefully all will be well tomorrow and we will be able to have a big catch-up on letters P,Q and R..

see you then!

October 24, 2008


Hello! A couple of goodies today!

First up:


Check out these gorgeous goodies from Ottoman! If you are after treats of the 'botanical' nature, I am sure you will love this collection... I am completely intrigued by Ottomans 'Moss' range (pictured below) and I am loving the use of embroidery hoops as a framing option.. have a look:

(images from Ottoman)


visit the Ottoman store
read the Ottoman blog

Little Otsu

As promised earlier in the week, here is more from Little Otsu...

Little Otsu is a one-stop shop for all your paper goods - Calendars, Planners, Cards and Journals...
"LO began in 2004 ...serving as a way to collaborate with like-minded artists to make unique and useful print products using alternative materials like soy-based inks, recycled, and tree-free papers."

If you are an avid reader of any design inspired blog out there in Blogland, you would of no doubt come across the a myriad of calendar choices that creative folk have produced for the new year - well, here is the Little Otsu Collection - all of them beautiful and unique... I know you'll find at least one that you'll love! enjoy!

(images and quote from Little Otsu)

see the Little Otsu calendar collection
visit the Little Otsu website
the Little Otsu store can be found at 849 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, 415.255.7900 (see here for directions)
read the Little Otsu blog

It's a Holiday Weekend!

Yay! It is Labour weekend here, which means Monday is Labour Day and a public holiday, so, yippee! we get to celebrate a long weekend. I wont be posting on Monday but I'll do a catch up post during the week to keep this Alphabet momentum going..

Are you up to much this weekend?? We are celebrating Steve's birthday (see I told you he always makes it last for ages!) on Monday. We are having a BBQ with a whole heap of friends - here's hoping that the sun is shining as the estimated 15 or so kids and 20 adults are going to be a tight squeeze in our wee house! The weather man does say "sunshine" so, we are hoping for that!

There are also a lot of Diwali celebrations happening in the city this weekend, so we may go and check that out too.

Whatever you get up to, have a safe, happy and memorable weekend!

See you next week for P!

October 22, 2008


Just a quick snippet today, as I am busy getting our house ready for painters (which includes unplugging the computer!) So...

Here is something to dream about / plan for / wish for.. and something completely different for The Design Alphabet.

I know most of you in the north are far from thinking about swimming outdoors, but maybe this could be something to work on over winter? Everyone else, who is down this way, who is getting excited about summer and the thought of swimming... well look at this!

Natural Swimming Pools

When I first read about Natural Swimming Pools in Good Magazine, my first reaction was "Of course! It is so obvious that it would work wonderfully!" It is funny how we forget about the obvious, because it isn't what we are used to - but when we are reminded of it, it seems silly that we haven't taken more cues from nature and instead have opted for a chemical based choice.

So, a Natural Pool is one that requires no chemicals, and from what I can gather, pretty little maintenance other than the usual skimming of leaves off the top. The pool itself is divided into two areas, one for swimming and one for planting. It is the plants that provide the natural filtering system that keeps the pool clean. And believe it or not - you can have fish in it!

So what you end up with is.. instead of a chemical filled rectangle in the yard, you have a natural pond-like swimming pool that is beautiful and tranquil, and looks inviting all year round! (no green slime in the middle of winter!!)

One day, when we are able to have a pool, I am definitely having one of these!!

- have a look at the pictures:

(images from Woodhouse Natural Pools)

there is a lot of information online about Natural Pools and how to prepare one yourself, as well as a whole heap of professionals who specialise in them. - I suggest you have a good look around the web.

visit Woodhouse Natural Pools for some great information
visit Good Magazine

And there is N. Sorry it is so brief today, but I need to get the computer off my desk!

we'll be back tomorrow though! Have a great day!

See you tomorrow for O!