May 29, 2009

J olly Good!

I am constantly blown away by the seemingly infinite assortment of super talented creative folk out there, and I love the fact that fabulous sites like Etsy, Flickr - and google(!) have brought the work of so many of them in front of admirers all over the world.

I love the fact that I have a job that lets me oohh and ahhh all day long and then share all my best finds with all you lovely readers... and I love the fact that all you lovely readers join me daily on this alphabetical journey : )

Here we go, ending the week with J... first up...

Jennifer Judd-Mcgee

Jennifer Judd-Mcgee is one clever gal. Just look at her work below! Jennifer's collection consists of mixed media collage, gocco prints and drawings, and each one is popping with fabulous colour combos, textures and pattern. mmmmm!

I had trouble picking a favourite, let alone which images I would share with you, so take a look below and then go and check out her whole collection for the rest of the eye candy : )

Which ones do you like?

(images from Jennifer Judd-McGee)

visit Jennifer's store
read Jennifer's blog

Simpli Jessi

There is definitely nothing simple about the work of SimpliJessi. As you know (or maybe not) I have a 'thing' for softies, and Jessi's intricately hand stitched dolls are fabulous! Each one has it's own profile story...

Felix (pictured first below) - Felix is a technology junkie. He even writes rap songs about how much he loves technology. Felix likes to shovel snow and jump on his trampoline. When he has days off from work, Felix will sometimes roller skate at the local park.

or Elona (pictured 5th below) - Elona is a whiz at mathematics. When she was in the 2nd grade, she solved equations master mathematicians struggled with for they gave her a medal. And they told her she could be a special agent. In her free time, Elona likes to ride her scooter to the local bakery. She loves warm bread!

Every home should adopt one!

(images from Simpli Jessi)
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Julian Wolkenstein
I am ending the week with something I hope will put a smile on your face. I quite fancy these photographs from Australia's Julian Wolkenstein. I think they would look great in the hall mixed in with all the other family shots.. what do you think??
(images from Julian Wolkenstien)
visit Julian's website
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thanks to Julia at Studio Home Creative for the introduction

And there we end another week. What are you up to this weekend? We have a few exciting things planned, including a fun party to go to on Saturday night... I hope you have a lovely weekend too!
I look forward to seeing you Monday, there's a fab line-up next week, starting the week with K! see you then xx

May 28, 2009

I'm Smitten with...

Yesterday's post about Home Base Collections had me hankering for some more fabric goodness, so, I am pleased to start this 'I' Post with a lovely fabric based collection from Australia -

Ink and Spindle

Lara Cameron, Bianca van Meeuwen and Tegan Rose and the three Melbourne (Australia) based textiles designers behind Ink and Spindle.

What excites me about Ink and Spindle, and the work of Lara, Bianca and Teagan is the fact that they specialise in high quality textile printing for designers and independent labels. For someone like me who has always had a hankering for fabric design, this gets my creative juices flowing no end!

Along with this great printing service the Ink and Spindle gals also produce their own ranges of fabrics and textile based homewares, stationery, sewing kits and more...

(images from Ink and Spindle)

visit the Ink and Spindle
visit the Ink and Spindle
read the Ink and Spindle

Irregular Expressions

Ohlala! Freeform crochet and knitted goodness from etsy shop Irregular Expressions...

"Irregular Expressions is a family project.
Creations belong to the mother. She is inspired from nature, traditional Turkish arts, crafts and freeform fiber artists.
Daughter and son helps her with handling the shop.
We all love to be etsians and sharing our work with all art and craft lovers.
All our creations are unique, they will never be produced again."

I LOVE them!!!

(images and quote from Irregular Expressions)

visit the Irregular Expressions store

Isabella's Art

You may or may not know this, but I adore shadow puppets : ), and this collection from Isabella's Art is no exception. Isabella specialises in "portraying myths, legends, superstition, folk songs and all other things related to folklore."

Intricately laser cut, these puppets (pictured below) would be a wonderful addition to the story-telling and make-believe life of a small (or big for that matter) boy or girl.

Isabella's work doesn't stop at Shadow Puppets, check out her website for a full range of prints, paper goods and other handmade goodness...

(images from Isabella's Art)

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bookmark Isabella's store (opening again on June 1st)
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And there is I. Wow, this alphabet is skipping through fast! I hope you are enjoying it so far.
I look forward to you joining me here tomorrow...

see you then for J!

May 27, 2009


I'm loving this H post. ..... so here we go...

Catherine Hammerton

I am so excited to showcase one of the hot-picks from the recent International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF).

I had compiled this H post a while ago, and I am delighted to have seen Catherine Hammerton's most up to date works when it was blogged about by some of the lucky folk who got to attend the ICFF show.

I first fell in love with Catherine's work when I stumbled across an image of her 'Fly Away' wall covering (pictured first, below). I remember sending it out to do the rounds in my emails for a while there! Since this first discovery I have been visiting Catherine's website every now and again to see what she is up to. (Her website itself is beautiful and well worth a visit.)

So, I started writing this post, and then discovered a few days ago that Grace at Design*Sponge had written about Catherine's newest work that had been shown at the ICFF, and because I'm not one to cut and paste someone else's post, I do suggest you jump over to d*s and check it's divine!!

here's a peek:

(images from Catherine Hammerton and Design*Sponge)

jump over to read more at Design*Sponge
visit Catherine's website
visit Catherine's shop

Anna Hill

And while we are on the subject of gorgeous-wall-coverings, I wanted to introduce another clever designer from the UK - Anna Hill.

I am not really a bold wallpaper kind of girl, but I do really enjoy Anna's work. Her colour palette is fantastic and would definitely inject some energy into any room.

My favourite pick is 'Fancy Pheasant' pictured first below; I love how the pattern creeps around the corner of the room and how the pheasants are larger than life... and because all Anna's designs can be customised to suit your own personal space, you know it will not only fit perfectly but look amazing as well!


(images from Anna Hill)

visit Anna's website

Home Base Collections

I am so excited that Leanne Culy from Home Base Collections has received so much favourable press...And rightfully so! her work is beautiful, fresh and modern while maintaining a hint of kiwi-ness.

This NZ based designer creates a fabulous range of hand printed fabrics, cards, homewares and artworks.. a hint of her collection can been seen below..

What I really wanted to show you were her hand painted Oars - I LOVE them! but I couldn't reproduce any good images, so make sure you take a look at the 'Notes' below and jump over to have a look at the Oar Prints that Leanne has available at Paper-Works.

In the meantime meander through these piccys. I know you will find something that you love!

(images from Home Base Collections)

visit Leanne's website
see Leanne's Oar Prints at Paper-Works (you must!!)

And there we have H! In the middle of the week already! Have a fabulous day,

see you tomorrow for I xx