October 15, 2008

i i captain!

And i...a couple of good ones today - enjoy!

I'm Smitten

There's nothing like sending a quirky, smile-filled card to brighten someones day... and these goodies from Ashley Alexander of I'm Smitten are just the ticket.. have a look-see:
(oh and, Ashley does more than cards - there are some great prints, t-shirts, buttons and stationery, so go check it out : )

and this picture showcasing Ashley's t-shirts is just fab!!

(images from I'm Smitten)

visit Ashley's website
visit Ashley's online shop
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Irene Suchocki

Every now and then (well actually quite often if you are a regular over at flickr) you find a photographer that captures your mood.

Irene Suchocki did that for me today... the images below are from her etsy store - I've chosen a few that sum up today for me - spring is definitely in the air - fruit trees are in full blossom, gardens have bright blooms and we are heading right into our fair, festival and show season - which means summer is on the way! arrhhh... late afternoons at the beach, bbq's and lots of time outside - yay!!!

(images from Irene Suchocki)

visit Irene's website
visit Irene's online store
visit Irene's etsy store
see more of Irene's work on her Flickr site

And that is I. I hope you liked it...

tomorrow is J.. see you then x

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