October 12, 2008


Aahhh! the rest of the D's!! - Finally!! I am so sorry about my absence - today is the first day since Thursday that I have actually felt 100%. The bug I had was AWFUL and completely knocked me out - 2 days spent in bed feeling pretty shabby. The good thing about illness it makes you realise just how GREAT you feel when you are well, and today I feel great : )

So... better late than never! - here's the beginnings of the catching up I need to do!! it's going to happen over the next couple of days....in the meantime.. here are some really great finds to round out the D's with... enjoy!


This is another amazing creative that I feel like I have written about before. I've done an archive search and I can't find her work anywhere.. and even if I have, an update won't hurt will it??

I really, really like the work of Maiko Kuzunishi, she is one clever lady! I was first drawn to her work by her fantastic clocks that she has in her Etsy store, but on a trip through her store and around her website revealed how diverse and amazing her work is - have a look:

Oh and...Maiko has a fab new 2009 Calendar Postcard Club - How it works... You join the club and you will get a calendar postcard in the mail through-out the year 2009! Each postcard has one of her illustrations on one side and a calendar month on the other. Designs are made over the course of 2009! - how cool is that!?!

(images from Decoylab)


visit Maiko's website
visit Maiko's Design Studio shop
visit Maiko's Etsy store

Dolan Geiman

I don't want to write very much about Dolan Geiman because he has a fab profile on Etsy and a great website, and I have to stop the urge to cut and paste it all here because it is all so interesting... so, I suggest you skip on over to both and take a moment to read through it - and to have a look at the rest of his fantastic work! Here's a snippet:

(images from Dolan Geiman)

visit Dolan's website
visit Dolan's store
- go on! have a look : )

And, finally the D's! I hope you enjoyed them.. E and F on their way tomorrow (if all goes according to plan!)

See you then! x

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Dolan Geiman said...

Hello Design Alphabet!

We wanted to say thanks for featuring Dolan's work on your site! It's a great, fun idea for a blog and are glad for your support!

All best,
Dolan Geiman & Ali Walsh, www.dolangeiman.com