October 16, 2008

j is for jemaine and bret

I'm listening to Flight of the Conchords while I'm writing this.. hence J being for Jemaine and Bret.. it is OK to laugh out loud when you are on your own isn't it???

Let's start..

anice Jong

I love Janice Jong's work...so simple yet so intricate and clever. I love the solid colours used throughout, and I only wish my own neighborhood was so colourful : ) have a look:

(images from Janice Jong)


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am Tart Baby

Christina Romeo of Jam Tart Baby is so clever. Not only does she produce a fantastic 'grown-up' collection she also puts together this fab range of goodness for her Jam Tart Baby label.

There is nothing like offering new parents a contemporary option and Jam Tart Baby is just that..these mini cushions are divine, and I am swooning over her quilts! take a peek:

(images from Jam Tart Baby)


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Susy Jack

mmmm... there is nothing like contemporary stationery! Susy Jack offers a range of slick modern stationery goodies.

I think her Ringlet Jotter (the first image below) is a stroke of genius - for people like me who are constantly in their bags scribbling down info in old notebooks and on scraps of paper.. this jotter would be perfect on my key chain...

Susy's range also includes notebooks, handy desk clips, note cards and more! have a look:

(images from Susy Jack)

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And there we have J... I'm still laughing out loud : ) If you want to have some Conchord in your day, jump over to their MySpace page and turn on your speakers...

It's the weekend!

Are you up to much? This is going to be an extra special weekend for us ... My lovely husband will be celebrating his birthday and... my nephew will be born... there is nothing like celebrating birth, whether its for the very new, or the 30-somethings, both just as important and both so special.
.. And to my fabulous husband, who works so hard, and lights my world.. this is for you x

"FIGHT FOR IT" by studio mela. (thanks to Design is Mine)

Have a great day everyone! See you Monday for K! x

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