October 22, 2008


Just a quick snippet today, as I am busy getting our house ready for painters (which includes unplugging the computer!) So...

Here is something to dream about / plan for / wish for.. and something completely different for The Design Alphabet.

I know most of you in the north are far from thinking about swimming outdoors, but maybe this could be something to work on over winter? Everyone else, who is down this way, who is getting excited about summer and the thought of swimming... well look at this!

Natural Swimming Pools

When I first read about Natural Swimming Pools in Good Magazine, my first reaction was "Of course! It is so obvious that it would work wonderfully!" It is funny how we forget about the obvious, because it isn't what we are used to - but when we are reminded of it, it seems silly that we haven't taken more cues from nature and instead have opted for a chemical based choice.

So, a Natural Pool is one that requires no chemicals, and from what I can gather, pretty little maintenance other than the usual skimming of leaves off the top. The pool itself is divided into two areas, one for swimming and one for planting. It is the plants that provide the natural filtering system that keeps the pool clean. And believe it or not - you can have fish in it!

So what you end up with is.. instead of a chemical filled rectangle in the yard, you have a natural pond-like swimming pool that is beautiful and tranquil, and looks inviting all year round! (no green slime in the middle of winter!!)

One day, when we are able to have a pool, I am definitely having one of these!!

- have a look at the pictures:

(images from Woodhouse Natural Pools)

there is a lot of information online about Natural Pools and how to prepare one yourself, as well as a whole heap of professionals who specialise in them. - I suggest you have a good look around the web.

visit Woodhouse Natural Pools for some great information
visit Good Magazine

And there is N. Sorry it is so brief today, but I need to get the computer off my desk!

we'll be back tomorrow though! Have a great day!

See you tomorrow for O!

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