October 13, 2008

F for fantastic...

Forest Creatures

Some more softies to fulfil my new obsession!.. these ones are gorgeous little deer and a super cute Teacup Monster by Forest Creatures..

I love how some of the deer are photographed against the image of running horses : )

Have a peek, and skip on over to the Forest Creatures shop for a more in depth browse...(there are some great block prints over there too!) enjoy!

(images from Forest Creatures)

visit the Forest Creatures shop


I was over at Studio Home Creative the other day, and was blown away by the work of Hayley King from Flox. I had seen her fab Bus Shelter artwork around, but hadn't really put much thought into who the artist was behind them..

After flicking over to the Flox website for more (Thanks to Julia at Studio Home Creative for the link) I found out that Hayley is one of New Zealand's leading female stencil artists - and not only that, she is also responsible for a well respected and damn nice clothing line.

It is well worth a trip over to the Flox website to check out more of Hayley's work and to see her Fashion range... enjoy!

(images from Studio Home Creative, MySpace, Endemic World, City Designers Market)

visit the Hayley's website

Yay! I have finally caught up from my absence last week! I hope you have enjoyed these last installments...

Tomorrow is G! - see you then x

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Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

crikey business those deer softies are amazing- so intricate and so well sewn!