October 12, 2008

E is for....

There is room for only one today - One, really, really amazing, super talented person...I know you are going to LOVE it!! - have a look:

Elsa Mora

Is it possible for one person to be so clever and talented, and just down right amazing, that they are a master at designing and making the most incredible jewellery, illustration, porcelain work, paper sculpture, needle work AND at making toys???

Well, yes it is! Elsa Mora is that person!

When I was compiling this post about Elsa Mora, I had trouble choosing which images to include - I found it so hard to choose. EVERYTHING this super talented gal (pictured above) puts her hands to is fantastic, and a true work of art. - and I DO mean everything!! Oh my, she is so clever!

I was first drawn to her work through her paper cutting. She is a superb paper artist, and her work is full of incredible detail. In her blog, Elsa writes about the process of creating a papercut piece, and says it is "a wonderful way to practice and master the art of patience" - you can definitely see the amount of work that has gone into each intricate piece - perfection!

Elsa's porcelain work, shows the same intricacy's...each piece perfect in form...

Elsa's illustration work is just the same...

And then, there's the toys... oh my! little creatures of perfection.. (sorry about using the word perfect/ion so much - but it really is!!)

There's jewellery...

Gallery pieces...

and believe it or not, there's more!! Sketching, Fashion Pieces, a Dollhouse Series and Plant Creations... can you believe someone is so so clever??!

When I was going through all her images, I spent the whole time shaking my head in disbelief at the talent that Elsa possesses - Elsa, if you ever read this, please know, I am in complete awe of you!

So, the above is just a small, wee glimpse into the extent of Elsa's work. Make the most of the links in the Notes below - You really should go immerse yourself into it... everything really is PERFECTION!


(images from Elsa Mora and Etsy)

visit Elsa's website
visit Elsa's 'The Heart of Papercuts' blog
visit Elsa's 'Elsita' store
read Elsa's ' Etsy Featured Seller' interview

Go on! get over there!!

See you soon! x

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rasamalai said...

Awesome post! I love that first picture! X)