October 6, 2008

the last of the A's

here is the last of the A's for today.. sorry about the delay...my children are now sleeping soundly so it is back to blogland for me : )

my Earles

I have had Amy Earles, earmarked for this series of A's for a while now, I can't remember how or where or when I discovered her, but I'm glad I did... I feel like I am always saying how amazing the creative people are that I write about here... I hope it doesn't bore you (!) but, Amy is one of those people.. super talented, with an amazing collection of work.

I particularly like her paper doll series.. there is something about those brads that are used to connect all the bits - weird I know!! Have a look:

(images from Amy Earles)

visit Amy's website
read Amy's blog
visit Amy's shop

And there are the A's.. a bit late in the day but here all the same : )

see you tomorrow for B! xx

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