October 22, 2008


mmmm! lots of goodness to be had today!!

let's get underway....

Maria Janosko

Maria Janosko is another amazing illustrator that has recently been added to my 'favourites' list. I am not sure where I first came across her work but I am completely swooning over her series of works using 'chairs' - I love, love, love the stack of Eames chairs (pictured 3rd below) - the combination of the colours used and the impeccable Eames chairs is fantastic!!

Maria has a whole range of work on her website, and there are pieces available for purchase at really reasonable prices too... have a look:
Don't you just love the birds carrying buckets?? What do you imagine is in the bucket?

(images from Maria Janosko)

visit Maria's website
visit Maria's shop


Do you know about Milan Rodriguez from Moofus?? Maybe you've seen his work over at Studio Home Creative?

Studio Home Creative is where I was first introduced to Milan's work..(thanks Julia!). And after a trip around the web, discovered that he was also featured in the Design*Sponge Australia Series. So... have a look-see below.. but wait....I forgot one of the most amazing things about Milan is....well, it is obvious that he is super talented, but to top that off - he is only 11!! yep eleven!!! pretty cool huh??!!

(images from Moofus)

visit Milan's website
visit Milan's store

Mummy Sam

OK.. I did refrain for a little while... here is some more Softie love : ) These gorgeous beauties are made by Mummy Sam - who's name, (if I am playing detective well) is Samantha Cotterill. Sam is one super clever gal who produces a fantastic collection of softie goodness - and is a pretty clever painter too!! - have a look:

(images from Mummy Sam)

visit Sam's store
read Sam's blog

And there we have M! It is amazing that we are already in the middle of another alphabet!!

N is on it's way tomorrow!

have a great day!

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