October 6, 2008

B is for...

I am really is surprised that I haven't written about these first two illustrators before. I adore both of their work very much and I'm not sure why they haven't appeared here in the 'Alphabet' until now.. better late than never though!!

First up:

Berkley Illustration

Ryan and Lucy from Berkely Illustration really don't need any introduction...their collection is one of Etsy's uber success stories.

Their store was launched in January this year and with just over 8 months under their belts Ryan and Lucy have had a whopping 2056 sales and counting!

And really, who can blame all the 'Berkley' lovers out there?? Ryan and Lucy make the optimal team - Ryan responsible for the illustration, and Lucy whizzing behind the scenes, packing and posting and taking care of the business side of things.

New in the store this month are these October Animals (the first three images below)...have a look and then skip over to the Berkley Illustrated store for a tour through the whole collection.

(images from Berkley Illustration)

visit the Berkley Illustration shop
read Ryan and Lucy's blog
see Lucy's photographic work
read an interview with Ryan and Lucy on Storque

Boy Girl Party

I love the work of Susie Ghahremani. For a long long time now I have oohed and aahed over her superb illustrative skills and looked longingly at her Boy Girl Party collection as it has grown and changed and developed.. no doubt you are a fan too.. here are some goodies currently listed in her Etsy store.. I do suggest you jump over to her website and online store to check out her latest offerings though - as always it is fantastic!

here's a peek:

(images from Boy Girl Party)

visit Susie's etsy store
visit Susie's website
visit Susie's online store

Bargains Galore!

I seriously considered not posting this - I mean, the more people who know about it the less likely it is that I am going to snap up the bargain of the century!! But after much consideration, here is the lowdown...

Modern Economy is having their first ever Online Sample Sale... and you had better get over to their website super quick because it starts on October 8th at 9am (PST) and is only available for 48 hours.. I suggest you register on their mailing list too, because being on it means you are in for some perks - like early bird shopping!! All your favourites will be there - Dwell Studio, Good on Paper, Angela Adams, Deadly Squire, Ferm Living... the list goes on and on and on....and up to 80% (yep that does say EIGHTY PERCENT!!!) Off!!

Or, feel free to ignore this and leave all the super bargains for me!!

(image from Modern Economy)

visit the Modern Economy website
see a list of participating designers
join the mailing list

And there we have B! I hope you enjoyed it : )

see you tomorrow for C! Have a fabulous day!! x

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