October 29, 2008

P, Q and R


We have a bit of catching up to do, so let's jump straight in..

Please Be Still

Have you seen the work of Jen Renninger?? I discovered her work a while ago now and have the pleasure of doing business with her and selling a couple of prints through Apple of My Eye. Jen is one super clever lady, and her Please Be Still store is the place to purchase all her lovely work.

As part of her 08 New Years resolution Jen set out to publish one image a day. Each of them unique and beautiful. This fab 'Every Day' collection sits beautifully beside her 'other' work, which includes a fantastic range of Modern Design Deck Prints, painting and collage.

Have a look!

(images from Jen Renninger)

visit the Please Be Still store
visit Jen's website
read Jen's Blog

Quiet Darling

I am loving my new discovery of photographers. Quiet Darling is a brand new Etsy store (opened in September this year) selling sultry, dark and beautiful Polaroid images. There isn't any info about the artist on the store's profile, only this:


chapped lips and skinned knees
blanket forts and paper cranes
hiding behind the magnolia tree
dreams of whales and the milky way
memories and grandma
freckle summer and bubble tea
someone to read withhold ghosts
secret treasures and whispering secrets
sad ghosts lace and grandfather elk
run-away dollies and pippi
sailing a wooden shoe and peter piper
honey cakes and pear pie
a garden of my own
these magical mountain forests.

Hi, I'm new xox


So, that's all the info I have - poetic huh?? Have a look at these lovely images ..

(images from Quiet Darling)
visit The Quiet Darling store

Royal Buffet
I came across Royal Buffet earlier this month on Decor8 and immediately earmarked it for R.
Mollie Greene is the wonderful designer, maker and doer behind this collection of beautiful paper garlands and mobiles. Each one delicate and light - have a look:

(images from Royal Buffet)

visit the Royal Buffet store
read Mollie's website and blog

And there we have P, Q and R!! I am so glad we got to catch up!!

Have a wonderful day! see you tomorrow for S!

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mollie said...

thanks so much for the royal buffet love!