October 10, 2008


The first of the D's...

D S Brennan

It is my lovely husbands birthday next week...I am trying to convince myself that he would really, really like this print (the first of the images below) by Diana Stith Brennan - and no doubt he would, but I would have to be honest and say that it is me who would really, really likes this print and I would be secretly buying it for myself!

Diana is an amazing photographer with a gorgeous collection of work - go and check it out!

(images from DS Brennan)

visit Diana's website
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visit Diana's shop
read Diana's blog

More D's to come - stay tuned!


porter hovey said...

The third down is my favorite! Simply beautiful!!

Diana said...

Thank you so much! What a great surprise to find your blog. You'll just have to tell your hubby that MY birthday is the week after his - see, it's meant to happen :-)

Thanks again - love your blog!

- Diana

Jennifer said...

I LOVE her work! The birds are so fascinating. Nice feature.