October 13, 2008


hello! I hope your day is going well : )

Just out of interest I worked out how many amazing people I have written about here on The Design Alphabet - can you guess??? around 200!!! Can you believe it? I was astounded!

Quite often on blogs the writers celebrate their 200th post, I am up to about 75 I think.. so a way to go, but I am super pleased about how many amazing, inspiring, creative people I have discovered and shared with you. I love the fact that now we are this far into this alphabetical journey that I have to hunt deeper, wider and longer for things to share with you - trying to offer you some little treasures along the way, some inspiration, some goodness...I love how there are so, so many talented people out there that the 'hunt' isn't arduous - just a pleasure! - enjoy!

A couple of great finds today : )

irl Savage

OK.. I will try and make this the last Softie obsessed post (for a few days anyway!)...

I love craft with a sense of humour, something that upturns the corners of your mouth - do you?... Girl Savage does just that.

This fab wee store is the home of 'Feltidermy' - cute little softies, beheaded and mounted on a wall plaque - just like real beasties - only cuter!
Kate from Girl Savage is also responsible for an adorable range of critters, pocket mirrors, hair clips and buttons - take a peek:

(images from Girl Savage)

visit the Girl Savage store

read Kate's blog

Teresa Green Design

I was first introduced to the work of Teresa Cole from Teresa Green Design over at Design*Sponge. That was a while back.. and then just recently Grace (from d*s) posted again about Teresa's new collection. So, a quick trip over to the Teresa Green website immersed me again into this fabulous range - so unpretentious and simple - I love it! - do you?

(images from Teresa Green Design)

visit the Teresa Green Design website


I have been hesitant about getting politically involved here on The Design Alphabet...and even though we have our own elections coming up in NZ, there has never been a Presidential race that has had me so excited and enthralled than the one that is happening right now in America.

I am guessing that people are far more worried about the economic climate than voting right now, but I just wanted to pop in this little feature and giveaway from Denyse Schmidt...something to warm your bodies in the cold economic climate - and something to cheer you on as you come to embrace this fantastic opportunity for change...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yes We Can Quilt
Denyse Schmidt and friends have created a quilt inspired by
Barack Obama
's message of hope and change.

Long before women had the vote, they voiced their opinions by
creating quilts with political and commemorative themes.

You can win this heirloom quilt (and help us all
win)! By clicking HERE
and making a donation to
the campaign, you'll automatically be
enrolled in
a drawing. Spread the word – and thanks for your support!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
And, that is the goodness for today... we're up to H already!!

See you tomorrow! x

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