October 16, 2008

K is Kickin'!

Welcome to a new week!

How was your weekend?
Mine was great.

We had a lovely time celebrating Steve's birthday... we started with a delicious (as always) brekkie at our favourite Wellington cafe, Nikau. Then we went for a walk around the inlet out here in the 'Bay' and finished the day with a scrummy fish stew.

Steve's birthday's always last about two weeks (I don't know how he manages it but we seem to celebrate it for ages!!) and we will be having a party to celebrate with friends next weekend. And....

I have a new nephew - yay! he was born on Thursday night and his name is Leo. I can't wait to meet him - it will be a while until that happens though as I don't think we will get to see him until December because he lives about 5 hours away... all the same I am super happy for my brother, his partner and son : )

So, where are we at in this alphabet of ours?? K. and some fab goodies to be had!! - enjoy!


I am adoring this collection from KupKup. Kima, it's creator is so talented, and it appears she can make and do anything with felt! - Check out her fabulous pin cushions (second image down) and her amazing collages... I like! Her store is definitely worth a visit! Have a look:

(images from KupKup)

visit Kima's store
read Kima's Etsy Featured Seller interview
read Kima's blog


ooohhhh!! have you seen Kjoo?? Maria João Ribeiro is the super creative behind the Kjoo collection...have a look! Maria makes these amazing pieces of jewellery out of felt and thread - brooches, necklaces, rings, bracelets and more! beautiful!

(images from Kjoo)

visit Maria's store
see more of Maria's work on her Flickr site
visit Maria's craft supply store

Kristen Doran

Kristen Doran is one of my 'Dream Team' of Australian textile printers. Her work is found in all the good Australian fabric shops - like Duckcloth and Kelani Fabric Obsession.. and this year she released a new book "Craft to Inspire".

Kristen's work makes crafting easy...not only does she hand print beautiful fabric available by the metre, she also prints fabric to craft with - like her
Matryoshka doll fabric which is sold by the piece and can be used for a variety of projects...

Kristen also does some super cute prints for Sprout Design - like the squirrel, tree and bird print below (fourth image down)... have a look:

(images from Kirsten Doran, Sprout Design and Duckcloth)

visit Kristen's website and store
read Kristen's blog
buy Kristen's book

And there we have K!! I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a wonderful Monday! see you tomorrow for L! x

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