October 7, 2008



How is your day going? I hope it is going well.

We have a bit of a theme today.. no particular reason it just seems that I am going through a bit of a 'softie / sculpture' phase ...while we were on holiday I made my soon-to-be-born nephew a giraffe softie out of one of my grandmothers old cardigans - the giraffe was complete with hand embroidered spots.. I was pretty darn impressed with myself, so got all enthused and made an owl softie and a bird softie too. Of course I am NOTHING compared to these guys below.. in fact I have a long, long, long way to go before I come close to the intricacies and fine workmanship shown here.


Skunkboy Creatures

I stumbled across Skunkboy Creatures today and was delighted that I could incorporate this fab collection in this post... don't you just love them?! Katie (the clever gal behind this range) also has a great wee blog - I suggest you jump over it and check out the fantastic giveaway she has going on at the moment!!

Katie's clever use of vintage fabrics, the little splashes of detailing and the fact that each one of these creatures is patiently and lovingly hand stitched makes them even more adorable - have a look:

(images from Skunkboy Creatures)

visit the Skunkboy Creatures' store
read Katie's blog

Cotton Bird Design

Since discovering Cotton Bird Designs I have been intrigued by these sweet little sculptures - have you seen them? It is like the most magic combination of fabrics and paper come together to make these perfectly gorgeous birds and houses. I love the Gold and Ivory Satin Lovebirds (the second image below) - wouldn't they be perfect on the top of a wedding cake?? and the Italian Map Paper Bird (third one down) a fabulous gift for someone moving away?? - take a peek:

(images from Cotton Bird Designs)

visit the Cotton Bird Designs' store

Clive and Sunshine

I am feeling like I have written about Clive and Sunshine before - I even looked back through the archives and it doesn't appear that I have. I have visited the website of Clive and Sunshine's creator Jennifer Muskopf quite a few times, so maybe that is why it feels so familiar (?) Anyway...

A while ago I noticed an announcement on Jennifer's website stating that the Clive and Sunshine range will no longer be produced due to the time consuming nature of their production. : ( However, I have just noticed (and forgive me if this is 'old' news!) that there has been a 'revival' and three new projects have been happening during 2007 and 2008 at Cog & Pearl, ReForm School, and Rose and Radish. And, starting in March of 2008 special orders can be made through these stores for "classic" Clive + Sunshine animals. - yay!

Have a look at my favourites:

(images from Clive and Sunshine)

visit Jennifer's website
view more of Jennifer's work
visit Cog & Pearl, ReForm School, and Rose and Radish.

And that is C! I hope you enjoyed it - tomorrow is D! see you then! x

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Mahaut Katia Chevrolet said...

OH lala c est trop jolis ces ptit animaux! Mon préféré c est le petit pinguin!