January 29, 2010

Jorine Oosterhoff


It looks like the sun is going to have a wee break today. Even though it is a bit disappointing, it does give us an excuse to hang out at home and do some bits and bobs around the place - ooh and it's Friday! - again!

I've got some lovelies to share with you here... take a peek:

Jorine Oosterhoff

This Tea Time Set (pictured first below) from Jorine Oosterhoff is just divine! Based on characters and built to be a family, each and every one of these lovelies would be welcome to join me for tea anytime! - look at those legs!

"Each piece has it's own identity. With their character-like look they seem to come alive living their lives on the table like soldiers in a little nation. Creating surrealistic moments like in Alice in Wonderland."

Jorine produces a variety of work for a wide range of clients, these and her own projects are full of ceramic characters, all with function and personality - you should have a look...

... oh and for those of you in NZ, the cute coat hooks pictured 4th and 5th below are available from IkoIko through Essential at Home. - yay!

(images and quote from Jorine Oosterhoff)


visit Jorine's website

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Another weekend! This is the last weekend before school starts back... the end of the holidays is looming : ( I'm a bit sad about that! We have had such a lovely time. But I know my oldest boy is keen to get back into the swing of things and is looking forward to hanging out with his buddies every day...

What are you up to this weekend? What ever you do - have a wonderful time!

I'll see you Monday for P!

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Elsa May said...

The Tea Time set is super duper cute! Those legs!
Hope the back to school day went well :)