January 27, 2010

Lines and Shapes

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Lines and Shapes

You may have already heard of Lines and Shapes but just in case you haven't I'm going to showcase them today.... Lines and Shapes is a series of books curated by artists Maria Vettese and Lena Corwin.

Starting out in 2008, Lena and Maria have so far produced a collection of 10 books in their- 'The Artist Series' -

"This series, a cross between a book/journal and a magazine, includes six 2008 volumes and four 2009 volumes. each volume has a different visual "jumping off point" and artists work separately to interpret that visual idea. their creations are then designed into book form. the artist series is meant to inspire every time you pick it up."

In 2009 came the 'Journal Series' - "this intimate series highlights work from the curators of lines & shapes as well as other chosen artists. "

Each volume is 68 pages and is printed in full colour - you should check out Lena and Maria's store and get your hands on a copy (or two!)...

(images and quotes from Lines and Shapes)

visit Maria and Lena's website
visit Maria and Lena's store

BE IN QUICK! - Books are on SALE until Jan 31st - only $14 (USD) each - snap up a bargain!

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