January 12, 2010

Beautiful Baltic Birch + Bold and Noble


There are so many things that I want to share with you in this Alphabet - I know I say it every alphabet, but, man! people are so clever!!

Are you ready for B?

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Beautiful Baltic Birch

I fell in love with these gorgeous laser cut Baltic Birch doll houses as soon as I saw them! Made by

Wood Victoria Doll House Miniatures in San Diego, CA, these beauties come as a complete kit with easy to follow instructions.

The folk at Wood Victoria Doll House Miniatures also produce everything you could possible want for a teeny Victorian abode - Spandrels, Room Dividers, Balusters, Gable & Apex Trim...and more!

You should check them out.... ooh and really reasonably priced too - just short of $90 USD each.

(images from Wood Victoria Doll House Miniatures)

visit the Wood Victoria Doll House Miniatures website

Bold and Noble

I can't believe I haven't written about Bold and Noble before, I mean they tick all my boxes - they print on recycled card and are conscious about their packaging, they hand screen print the most gorgeous designs, and... use the most divine colour palette - what's not to love??

"Bold and Noble is a design collective founded by Jane Tobitt and David Wardle. After twelve years of designing bespoke items for clients, we thought we’d put our skills to work creating affordable designs for peoples’ homes."

(images and quote from Bold and Noble)

visit the Bold and Noble
read the Bold and Noble

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Have a wonderful day where ever you are!

See you tomorrow for C! xxoo

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I LOVE Bold & Noble!