January 29, 2010

Nice Work

Hi there!

How is your week going? Great I hope! The weather has been beautiful here and the beach has been outstanding - warm and glassy flat. There's been a whole heap of seaside frolicking happening in our family, and a whole heap of late nights as we try and make the most of every daylight moment. I'm loving it!

Nice Work

I have been wanting to include this stationery collection from Sarah Maxey of Nice Work for a while now and was reminded of it again the other day as I was perusing the Endemic World website.

"Sarah is most known for her award-winning work on literary book covers, often using her own illustration and hand-lettering. Of late, she has been focusing on personal hand-lettering projects, exhibiting her work in galleries in Wellington and Auckland. She is also busy building up her own imprint publishing fine stationery and small limited edition books."

(images from Nice Work and Endemic World, quote from typeshed11)

visit the Nice Work website
ppssst! Sarah is from New Zealand!

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Have a wonderful day!

See you tomorrow for Friday! xxoo

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Elsa May said...

ooooh I just love Sarah's work! Hope you have a great weekend :)