January 13, 2010

Caitlin Kuhwald + Caitlin Shearer

Hi dee hi!

How's your week going so far? Good I hope : )

My week has been going really well. I have two very contented boys a the moment - one obsessing about making every paper plane in the book we have - about 40 of them! And the other working feverishly trying to finish a Lego Technics motorbike that we bought for his dad a few years ago... he has made it a couple of times with help, but this is his first go on his own... I love contented children : )

I have two clever Caitlin's to share with you today...

Caitlin Kuhwald

When I first discovered the work of Caitlin Kuhwald I was so excited to share it with you.. a little more research and I also discover that, well, the whole world probably knows about her work already! I am so behind the times!!

"Caitlin graduated from the California College of Arts and Crafts with a BFA in illustration. She also attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where she received her MFA in painting. Caitlin now lives in Berkeley working as a freelance illustrator and teaches illustration at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco."

And her clients? well all the big guns - Puma, Pepsi, The Criterion Collection, Penguin Books, Oprah Magazine, Billboard Magazine, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Nylon Magazine, Herman Miller, Cincinnati Monthly, Continental Airlines, Filter Magazine, Boston, Rhode Island Monthly... the list is quite extensive, and it's no wonder really - check out her work!

(images and quote from Caitlin Kuhwald)

visit Caitlin's website
visit Caitlin's store
read Caitlin's blog

Caitlin Shearer

I've just had the nicest time over at Caitlin Shearer's blog - oh my! what a beautiful collection of illustrations! Caitlin's watery portraits are divine, and I actually had trouble choosing which to share with you today...

I am smitten with the two below (3rd and last images) that are documentations of an outfit and a night out, I love the idea of this type of journaling... if only I was so clever!

(images from Caitlin Shearer)

read Caitlin's blog
visit Caitlin's store

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I hope your day is wonderful!
See you tomorrow for D! xxoo

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