January 14, 2010

Melissa Dixson + Danielle Thompson

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Melissa Dixson

I thought I'd showcase something a little different today...

I have a special person in my life who is turning 6 in February - She LOVES animals, wants to be a vet when she grows up and is the only person I know who can sit at the rock pools for hours on end trying to catch one of those impossible-to-catch teeny tiny fish (patiently using a zip-lock sandwich bag no less!). She has no qualms about life or death, is pretty straight up about putting animals to sleep when she's a vet, and even though I know she would do her best to save a wee critter and to prolong it's life, I know she would love, love, love the work of Melissa Dixson.

"I am beginning to explore the possibilities of taxidermy as the "ultimate" trophy, whether it be the spoils of the hunter, or the spoils of merely having reached a certain level of power or accomplishment. Art, in itself, is a trophy. In the context of my work, nature becomes art, and therefore, trophy."

I did actually look for a taxidermied gift for my friend, but this type of art is a bit beyond the six year old birthday budget...

have a look, I think they're beautiful!

(images and quote from Melissa Dixson)

visit Melissa's website
visit Melissa's store

**Please note that just like The Design Alphabet, Melissa is an avid animal lover. She only uses animals harvested as nuisances due to overpopulation, (which prevents disease and starvation), stillborn animals that never had a chance at life, and animals harvested for meat by hunters who have donated the hides. For full details please visit Melissa's website.

Danielle Thompson

Did you see these these gorgeous images on Design*Sponge on Christmas Eve? As soon as I saw them I went on a hunt to find out more about photographer Danielle Thompson. Oh My! Where do I begin?

Well firstly, Danielle is a talented photographer... Her flickr site is brimming with beautiful images (I've selected a few to share with you here). She's also a super talented crafter, she writes an amazing blog, runs two fun stores (TinyBazaar and Kitschy Digitals Goods) that sell her own fantastic products. She has a blog that also sells 'KitschyDigitals' (you should check it out, there are some gorgeous vintage photo surrounds), and then there's her other store 'I play with Dolls' where she sells her own printed t-shirts. Oh, and she lists her occupation as 'Part time Graphic Designer'.

I have no idea when this lady finds time to eat!!

(images from Danielle Thompson)

visit Danielle's Thompson Family blog
visit Danielle's flickr site
visit Danielle's TinyBazaar store
visit Danielle's Kitschy Digitals Goods store
visit Danielle's KitschyDigitals blog
visit Danielle's I play with Dolls store

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We've got a pretty full day planned today...I'm looking forward to it!

Have a great day! xxoo

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