January 15, 2010

Emma Hack

I have a gaggle of boys that have just woken. Sleepovers are always full of excitement aren't they? We have a few things planned today, so I'm going to jump right in...

Emma Hack

Julia over at Studio Home Creative can be blamed for the last hour 'lost' looking through Emma Hack's portfolio...thanks Julia! But me oh my, what a clever gal Emma is. Like Julia I am incredibly drawn to Emma's Florence Broadhurst Wallpaper collection. The wallpaper itself is breath-taking, let alone the intricately hand painted people posing in front of it... check it out..

Oh, and I do highly recommend you click through to Emma's website, her work is amazing!

(images from Emma Hack)

visit Emma's website
visit Studio Home Creative

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I know I've said it before but Julia's Studio Home Creative blog is definitely worth a peruse - it's full of gorgeous goodness from throughout Australia and NZ - and she has incredible taste!

Another find of Julia's is this website -Eat Drink Chic... take a peek at it.. it's new to me, and it's chocka full of all the good stuff!

It's the weekend! The trouble with such a long school holiday break (7 weeks) I loose track of the days, but the calendar does tell me that it is Friday and the weekend is upon us!

Do have a wonderful weekend, where ever you are.

Just one more thing before you go... My thoughts, love, peace and hope go out to the people of Haiti. If you are wanting to help financially click through to the International Red Cross. If you are interested in helping out in the future in a crafty and practical way, keep an eye out for details at Mama to Mama.

Take Care and see you Monday! xxoo

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Ju said...

Oh thanks soooo much for the mention!! I too have an addiction to your site, I have to be careful thought cos I end up adding a good 5-10 etsy stores to my favourites every time I visit!