January 11, 2010

Andrew Bannecker + Aladdin


Welcome to the first post of the year- and of the decade!

This alphabet*nine is shaping up to be a goodie! Thank you so much for dropping by and being apart of this journey of ours, I really do love your company.

My boys are on summer holidays until February, so we are going to take it slow during this ninth alphabet. My smallest has his first day at school in mid-Feb so we will run with a stripped back version of the usual letter-a-day until then. That should pretty much take us up to the end of alphabet*nine.

Blog Wonderland will be making a comeback at the beginning of March along with alphabet*ten - TEN!!!

By the time alphabet*ten starts I should have all my tweaking and features updated, and have a whole heap of new bits and bobs to share with you - are you ready??

Let's go!

Andrew Bannecker

I had to start the year with this poster (see first image below) from Andrew Bannecker, it is pretty much summing up how I'm feeling right now, and about the year ahead...

Andrew is prolific artist who works for a variety of large clients. His blog is chock full of recent work, awards, and plenty of well deserved recognition.

"A collector of old ephemera and just about anything wood and metal, Andrew creates beautiful art that captures the imagination and tells a story. He works in a studio in Washington DC, beautifully cluttered with everything from toy rocket ships to vintage glass beakers filled with skittles."


(images and quote from Andrew Bannecker)

visit Andrew's website
visit Andrew's store
read Andrew's blog

The Aladdin Artist Series

oohh! fancy a hip lunch box? - or a cool re-usable coffee mug? Well, check out these goodies from Aladdin...

Aladdin has come up with the 'Aladdin Artist Series' and designed a collection of re-sealable lunch containers and insulated mugs featuring the works of some of our favourite artists... including Matte Stephens, Amy Ruppel and Catalina Estrada - yay!

"We think art makes the little things in life even better. That’s why we created the Aladdin Artist Series. Our initial collection of mugs and bowls celebrates the brilliant work of emerging artists from around the world." - pretty cool huh?

(images and quote from Aladdin)

check out more on the Aladdin website

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

alphabet*nine has officially started!! thanks so much for joining me! - Are you keen to come back tomorrow?? I hope so!

See you tomorrow for B! xxoo

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