January 19, 2010

Genevieve Packer


We watched the sea fog roll in last night shrouding what turned out to be a glorious day. The best thing about sea fog is the next morning - if we are lucky, and the air is still enough, we get to open the blinds to a drowsy, still morning covered in a foggy blanket. I love fog, I think it is so beautiful, and I love the way it just 'holds' everything so quietly and snug. It has lifted a bit now... I can see the houses a couple of streets over.. .the weatherman is telling us that this foggy beauty is going to uncover a beauty of another kind - a sun filled scorcher of a day - yippee!

Shall we get going??

Genevieve Packer

I really enjoyed my time over at Genevieve Packer's website. To be honest I have never really delved into her work before, except maybe the odd Craftcamp purchase. But after losing myself for 45minutes on her site I figured that this gal is definitely someone you should know about... - well actually, you may already know about her, but anyway, I'm going to share my faves with you!

"Genevieve is a Wellington (NZ)-based textile designer-maker, craft enthusiast and educator.

Her practice employs a multi-disciplinary approach to contemporary craft-based design, including a range of materials, hands-on and technological processes and techniques. Ongoing research interests include New Zealand's national identity and material culture, conceptual recycling, and overlooked things in the everyday.

Alongside this, she applies her skills to anything that grabs her attention, from film costume work, to commercial commissions, to cross-disciplinary collaborations."

I suggest you jump over to her website and check out all the info... oh, and take special notice of the hand-punched wool felt blind, pictured third and fourth below - they are inspired by security patterns inside old envelopes that kept the contents private - I love them!

(images and quote from Genevieve Packer)

visit Genevieve's website

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
We are off to enjoy this wonderful day - I hope you get to find joy in it too : )
See you tomorrow xxoo

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