July 27, 2009

Urban Design + Urbanestics + Urban Pink Photography

Welcome to a new week - and the last week in this Alphabet5! Did you have a good weekend?

We spent yesterday morning (as we do every Sunday morning) watching our two boys play football. Both play in the 'midget' squad as they are only 4 and 6. But because they play in different grades it means two hours down on the fields. Yesterday morning was clear and blue, but it was cold. There wasn't just frost on the pitch, but chunks of ice!

My toes never do well in the cold, so all I could think of was getting back and collating some warm sunshine images to help get me through this nearly-spring weather : )

We are so longing for days spent in warm sun down on the beach, and I am beginning to check the garden, hoping some spring bulbs might show their heads - nothing yet... but I know it's coming!!!

I went through my catalogue and discovered three stores that had just what I was looking for...Enjoy!

Urban Design

Maleah Matthews' store Urban Design was the first in my catalogue that made me hopeful that spring might come. Maleah is a wife and mother of three, a passionate photographer and maker of things, and I am longing for the day I see blossoms like these...beautiful!

(images from Urban Design)

visit Maleah's store
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How could I resist these gorgeous bursts of colour?! The Urbanestics store boasts a very cool collection of vintage goodness. I have had a fondness for bright sunshine yellow for quite a while now, and I am loving these items below and all their yellow glory! The perfect addition to a winter kitchen - don't you think?

(images from Urbanestics)

visit the Urbanestics store

Urban Pink Photography

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share these beachy prints with you from Urban Pink Photography. These picture perfect Californian beaches are calling my name!

Warm sand, cooling ocean, picnic lunches, homemade lemonade - sigh!

(images from Urban Pink Photography)

visit the Urban Pink Photography store

I'm not usually a whinger when it comes to the weather, I generally like, and see merit, in all sorts of weather. Today saw a glitch in my usual outlook! Luckily it's easy to find heart (and body) warming inspiration : ) I hope you enjoyed it!

See you tomorrow for W! xxoo

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