July 7, 2009

Hide n Seek + Heidi Burton + Hadley Hutton

Loads of printed goodness today - yay! Three pretty diverse styles, I know you will fall in love with at least one of these pieces of work... take a look:

Hide n Seek

I have long admired the work of Eloise from Hide n Seek. With well over two and a half thousand sales in her etsy store it looks like Eloise's work is admired by plenty of others too!

Eloise's fairytale like images have a kind of slightly darker edge, but they aren't really that 'dark' in any sense of the word - that probably doesn't make any sense at all!!

I do have some favourites to show you below; the second image down 'Envy' and the 4th, 'Seduction'. The last pic is titled 'Mom, this is the friend I told you about' - I love it!!

"My art "game" starts always in pencil. I tease my memories to come out from wherever they're hidden ...and just about when I think that they have left me and faded away for good...my pencil brings them back to life."

(images and quote from Hide n Seek)

visit Eloise's
visit Eloise's

Heidi Burton

The work of Heidi Burton makes me smile. Whether it is her 'posters of positivity' like the first three images below, or her quirky illustrations that are full of good humour and good times.

Graduating as a mature student from a hard earned Illustration Degree Heidi had "sketchbooks face-down in the scanner, I had my graphics tablet in one hand and a cup of tea in the other and set about building up a body of work to share. "

I sure am pleased about that!

Share with us...

(images and quote from Heidi Burton)

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read Heidi's blog

Hadley Hutton

I think I am going to have to create a special "this artist comes from Portland Oregon" badge to put up every time I write about someone from Portland. As you know - because I go on about it all the time - Portland must be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! So many creative people come from there - and Hadley Hutton is one of them.

When I started researching Hadley, I learnt something - I learnt what Encaustic Painting is - it is a wax based paint that often consists of beeswax, resin, and pigment. The wax is kept molten, and applied to a surface. The surface is then reheated by a heat-gun or blow torch to fuse the paint together.

And this is the medium Hadley chooses to work in - and it is what gives Hadley's paintings that extra softness - have a look:

(images and quote from Hadley Hutton)

visit Hadley's website
visit Hadley's stores here and here
read here for more info on Encaustic Painting

Here we are in the middle of another week, how is your week going so far? I hope you are well and warm where ever you may be : )

See you tomorrow for I! xxoo

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