July 20, 2009

PomLove + Aysa Palatova + Pinkflor

Welcome to a new week! How was your weekend? We had a lovely weekend here, the weather was absolutely stunning, so there was a lot of laying about in the sun reading, and catching up with friends.

School goes back this week too. I have loved having the boys at home for the last two weeks, but I am now very much ready to dive back into this alphabet - boots and all!

There is a great week planned here, lots of goodness to share with you. As always, if you know of, or create something yourself that you think is worthy of sharing, please do not hesitate to get in touch - self promotion is encouraged : )

So, enough chatter! Let's get into P!


I am not sure where I came across etsy store
PomLove. But I tell ya, it was big time PomLove-at-first-sight! Kirsten Hadley creates these beautiful handmade blooms out of delicate tissue. Shipped as an easy to assemble kit - folded, cut and tied with wire ready to blossom and amaze, these Poms would be a divine addition to a party or special occasion.

In fact, the summer wedding boom has meant a 1-2 week delay in delivery, as Kirsten makes blooms for weddings around the U.S. - in colours to match the decorations and bridal party of course!


(images from PomLove)

visit Kirsten's
read Kirsten's

Asya Palatova

Originally from Russia, Asya Palatova hand creates delicate yet robust pieces of porcelain from her Rhode Island studio. Her etsy store Gleena (which means "clay" in Russian), is brimming with an assortment of gorgeous pieces.

It is Asya's Russian origin and memories of childhood summers that influence her organic shapes, forms and motifs.

I have just been over at her blog which I really enjoyed reading - Asya is one clever lady, previously working for inspirational giants Pentagram and Martha Stewart Living, and now creating her own beautiful collection... take a peek:

(images from Asya Palatova)

visit Asya's website
visit Asya's store
read Asya's blog


Oh My! Have you seen the work of
Pinkflor?? I was at her flickr site and wanted to cut and paste her whole catalogue!! I have ended up choosing a few bits from her store - and one embroidery from flickr that was too adorable to miss (second below).

I left my favourite image over on the front page of Pinkflor's
Flickr site, so you must go and see! So, so clever!

Pinkflor is one of those you-just-have-to-go-and-check-it-out artists! What else can I say?

(images from Pinkflor)

visit the Pinkflor
visit Pinkflor on flickr
off you go : )

The beginning of another week...I do so hope yours has started well. I look forward to having you join me tomorrow : )

See you tomorrow for Q! xxoo


Designer Store said...

wow........ it's very nice article and excellent designs.. About the designs it's just amazing...looking very beautiful and natural..

Anonymous said...

love love love. amazing, gorgeous eye candy. your alphabet blog is faboush! you MUST be a genius to have come up with such an interesting yet simple concept. my hat is off to you, my friend! i feel very special to be put into the "p" category with Pinkflor & Aysa Palatova! best!

Asya said...

Thank you so much for featuring me on your lovely blog, you are too kind. I'm in wonderful company under the "P". The work of Pomlove and Pinkflor is inspiring.

pinkflor said...

Hi Jo!!!
your alphabet blog is totally adorable!it's so inspiring!
I'm glad to be part of it!
thanks for recommend my little gallery to your friends :)