July 3, 2009

E ye Candy * Part Two:

Thanks for stopping by for Part Two of this E post... Part 1 is below if you missed it.
There are loads of piccys, so let's go!

rin Dollar

Have you seen the work of
Erin Dollar? Erin has two stores - one that sells a fantastic collection of Erin's varied paint and print styles, and the other sells a brilliant range of Bearded goodness...

A nice mixture of images below that showcase a range of Erin's work.. jump over to her stores for more!

(images from Erin Dollar)

visit Erin's
Erin Dollar store
visit Erin's I made you a Beard store
read Erin's Things Nina May Like blog
read Erin's
I made you a Beard blog

Elle Moss

I am so excited to be ending the week with these gorgeous photographs by
Elle Moss. What's extra exciting is that Elle has the most amazing giveaway offer over in her blog.
The Prize Pack consists of:

1 set of 7 postcards from www.ellemoss.etsy.com
1 small print (4x6, 5x5 or 5x7) from www.ellemoss.etsy.com
1 set of 6 postcards from www.alicebgardens.etsy.com
1 small print (4x6, 5x5 or 5x7) from www.alicebgardens.etsy.com

Go and enter!! It is such a great prize, and Elle takes such beautiful photos - take a peek here...

(images from Elle Moss)

visit Elle's Elle Moss store
read Elle's blog and enter her giveaway

And there we have Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!
See you Monday xxoo

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