July 9, 2009

Intres + Imagine Studio + I Like Pens

A rather eclectic bunch today - all three are completely different, yet all three are completely beautiful!


I am always intrigued by hand stitching, whether it is fine embroidery or gorgeous felt creations like these ones from

The Intres collection is made up of a series of impossible towers, castles, trees, brooches and fun toys, each one constructed with care and craftsmanship - have a peek:

(images from Intres)

visit the Intres
read the Intres

Imagine Studio

Lyse Marion from
Imagine Studio has always Collaged. The never ending possibilities achieved from collaging digitally has given Lyse a new perspective and allows her continue pursue her undying need to produce lyrical, evocative and sometimes provocative images.

I find Lyse's work fascinating. Each image is worth a second (third, fourth...) glance to ensure you capture all the detail.

"The lyrical beauty of each piece is well worth your time to see. I hope that they can provide a renewed sense of quietude to your heart, mind and soul. So...let your spirit take flight in the beauty and awe of your own imagination."

(images and quote from Lyse Marion)

visit Lyse's

I Like Pens

Friends of ours have recently moved to Paris, and it was because of them that I stumbled across this collection of works by Kate Seaward from
I like Pens. This 'Travels in Campervans' series partly shown below trips around the sites of Europe - oh, and I slipped in a 'Pop Up' of the Eiffel Tower because it was too gorgeous not too : )

Along-side being a talented illustrator Kate has also opened a fab retail store with friend and fellow illustrator
Gemma Correll. Named Cherry Cherry their store is stocked full with a whole heap of goodness from all their favourite crafters, designers and artists.

(images from Kate Seaward)

visit Kate's
visit Kate's store
here and here
read Kate's
read the Cherry Cherry

Ahhh, here we are kickin' on Fridays' door : ) A fab selection to be had tomorrow - I would love to have you join me.

See you tomorrow for J! xxoo

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