July 10, 2009

Dr Kennedy Jones + JKL Design + Darla Jackson

Another Friday is upon us : ) Do you have plans for the weekend? We are looking forward to some warm weather *fingers crossed* and time with family and friends.

There is a great selection of goodness to share with you today - enjoy!

Dr Kennedy Jones

A love for old books and discoloured papers is what artist Hollie Chastain builds her work around. That, mixed with a fondness for fairy tales and the forest, - and Hollie's talent for beautiful composition and impeccable craftsmanship combine to become the fabulous collection that is Dr Kennedy Jones.

Hollie's store is packed with a fantastic series of prints and original artworks, I just know you'll love...

(images from Dr Kennedy Jones)

visit Hollie's website
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JKL Design

I am always so impressed (which seems to happen quite often : ) at how talented people are. And not just talented at one thing, but at multiple. Take Leigh Viner of JKL Design for example. I was completely blown away by her acrylic and watercolour paintings, only to discover Leigh is a super talented photographer too!

Have you seen her work? If not, then you must! take a look:

(images from Leigh Viner)
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Darla Jackson

Darla Jackson's sculptures intrigue me. I find them a little bit disturbing, but I cant help but look at them for long periods of time. I know that I would definitely find it hard to not touch them if I ever got to see her collection 'in the flesh'. And yes, I would love to own one - especially the little bunny at the bottom titled "what are you afraid of".

"My sculpture is an exploration of the human psyche in which I strive to show duality of emotions. In order to express these ideas, I use feelings that have been turned into recognizable visual objects, or symbols, and juxtapose them with other elements to create this duality. Through the anthropomorphism of animals, the use of strong body language of figures and the use of symbolism, I can convey my emotions and ideas in a way that is more approachable for viewers. The end result is familiarity with an oddness that makes it compelling."

(images and quote from Darla Jackson)

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visit Darla's store

read Darla's blog

And the weekend is upon us : ) Thank you so much for joining me here this week, your company means a lot to me. Have a wonderful weekend where ever you may be.

See you Monday for K! xxoo

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