July 13, 2009


Good Morning!

As I mentioned last week we are in school holidays here. They have been really lovely so far and it has been wonderful to not have to rush off in the mornings, or make lunches, or need to be anywhere by a particular time.

These lazy starts to the day have meant some extra special time with my boys, lingering a bit longer in bed, as they climb in with books and funny stories to share - I tell you, those two warm soft wee bodies, loving arms and smiling faces make staying in bed so bliss full!

This lingering does throw a spanner into my morning routine, - that extra little bit of time I usually allow myself to get everything sorted for your daily alphabet reading gets thrown out the window! I'm definitely not complaining, I love these special moments with my boys, but what it means for you is this -

Today we are making the most of the lingering, and tomorrow I will bring you K and L in a double dose of goodness. - Is that OK with you? I hope so. Both K and L are looking fabulous so I know you wont be disappointed : )

I'll leave you with this snapshot of the beautiful Bay in which we live (we live a couple of minutes from where this pic was taken) - admittedly it isn't warm and sunny here today, but, it is still beautiful! enjoy!

Titahi Bay by David Overton

Have a wonderful day everyone, see you tomorrow! xxoo

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