July 30, 2009

Esther Derkx + Yvette Inufio + Yokoo

X and Y.. we are nearly at the end...

Have fun!

Esther Derkx

I recently wrote about Nina Invorm whose 'improved crockery' work I love. Like Nina, Esther Derkx also produces a collection of improved crockery, all though Esther's work is completely different.

Esther layers prints of contorting gymnasts and sporty gents (to name two) onto traditional floral crockery giving it a new life and an interesting twist.

Esther began working as a product designer in 2000, her inspiration comes from "her working experience, travelling and experiences using the screen print technique in any possible way and on any possible material"

(images and quote from Esther Derkx)

visit Esther's website
visit Esther's store

Yvette Inufio

I have spent a bit of time over at flickr lately. Just immersing myself into some photography and familiarising myself with different photographers.

It was there that I came across the work of Yvette Inufio. Yvette's portfolio is extensive - nearly 1500 beautiful photographs in a variety of subjects - how was I to choose?! I ended up jumping over to her store and choosing from the smaller (and still very beautiful) collection there.

Take some time, and check out Yvette's work - links are in the Notes. Enjoy!

(images from Yvette Inufio)

visit Yvette's flickr site
visit Yvette's store


No doubt you have heard all about the amazing over sized scarves, cowls and accessories from Yokoo, but just in case you haven't, here's a glimpse at Yokoo's collection...The soopascarf that is pictured last measures 8ft long and 8inches wide - that big baby has got to be the snuggliest, warmest scarf on the planet! I love it!

(images from Yokoo)

visit Yokoo's
read Yokoo's blog

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S p e c i a l F e a t u r e

The lovely Hollie from Dr Kennedy Jones asked me to let you know that
she is having
super sale over at her store...

you should check it out

Here's the scoop: FREE SHIPPING ON PRINTS to the U.S. and CANADA and discounted shipping everywhere else. there are originals in the sale section up to 50% OFF. the original pricing will be listed in the description. ALSO receive a FREE MINI PRINT with every purchase of an -original- piece!! list your mini print choice in the comment section of your order.

Be in quick! SALE lasts until saturday aug 1st.

Grab a bargain at Dr Kennedy Jones

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And that's all folks : ) Have a wonderful day!

See you tomorrow for zzzzzzz!!! xxoo

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