July 16, 2009

Sooooound + Ooid + Linn Olofsdotter

Today's collection is such a wonderful way to begin the weekend. I'm excited to be showcasing work from both here in NZ and in Australia, and also from good ol' Portland Oregon...check them out...


I was so excited when I discovered the work of Melbourne based illustrator
Shuxin Liang of Sooooound. Shuxin pretty much uses all my favourite mediums in her works - collage, watercolours, stitching. letterpress -mmmmmm! I think Shuxin's work is divine!

(images from Sooooound)

visit Shuxin's
read Shuxin's


New Zealand based Ooid Design produce a fun range of environmentally conscious products. Ooid are responsible for the ever popular Sprout Bag range. Sprout Bags are more than just an alternative option to using plastic bags, they have printed onto their fronts limited edition artworks from NZ based designers.

"The concept of the project is to give designers a place to showcase their work while at the same time encouraging people to use reusable cloth shopping bags to replace plastic bags."

Ooid also produce this clever wee range of ‘urban tribal affiliation’ badges through the Belong Badge Project. The ‘Urban Bird Watchers Society’, ‘Local Food Enthusiasts’ and ‘Carbon Credit Collector’ badges have real groups attached to them, and information about their blogs can be found in the notes below.

" 'Belong' canvases some pretty hefty issues, but lightens the load a little."

(images and quotes from Ooid)

visit Ooid's
visit Ooids
visit the blogs of the
Urban Bird Watchers Society, the Local Food Enthusiasts and Carbon Credit Collector

Linn Olofsdotter

It was by chance that I stumbled across Linn Olofsdotter's work. I was actually on the hunt for something else but the 'something else' was quickly forgotten about when I dove deeper into Linn's portfolio.

I was mesmerised from the word go! Have you seen it? You really should take a look - just a warning though - you'll get lost in there!

(images from Linn Olofsdotter)

visit Linn's website
visit Linn's store

Ahhh another weekend! What do you have planned? We have more family, more friends and more food - my favourites! Also, a super special birthday celebration for Miss Isabel who is turning One I'm so looking forward to it : )

Thanks so much for joining me, I hope you weekend is full of love and laughter (and full bellies too!)

See you Monday for P! xxoo

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